Three men turn Meka Suri’s life upside down. Find out who they are and what they want

Three men are all it takes to bring out the beast in a nobleman. Who are the three men in Meka Suri’s life? What did they do? Find out here.

Sneha Bale

August 23, 2020


3 min


Trinadh Velisala’s directorial thriller, Meka Suri is the newest entrant onto the list of ZEE5’s gritty original content in Telugu. The film revolves around a beastly man named Suri who sets out to avenge the death of his wife. The two leading characters of Suri and his wife, named Rani, are played by young and energetic theatre actors, Abhinay and Sumaya. The thriller has been gaining popularity amongst the masses for its raw and compelling style of storytelling. If you haven’t already, meet the men who stir drama in the plot.

Watch the trailer of Meka Suri here:

Actor Naresh Byreddy plays the role of Veerabhadram, who is an unlikeable cop. His aggressive demeanour and brash personality scares people of all kinds, the good and the bad. He happens to be the man in charge of finding out Suri and arresting him. Although, a few encounters make Veerabhadram feel agitated and he aims to encounter Suri.

With great power comes great opportunities to exploit it. Appal Naidu is one such man, played by veteran actor Sharath Kumar. He is a politician, a landlord, and friends with some of the most notorious white-collar criminals, like Gopalrao and Krishnarao. Like most men of the village, they too look at Rani with lustful eyes. They try to use their powers for the wrong reasons and wake up the beast in Suri. 

Raghuram, played by Shravan Sai Tadinada, is one of the most crucial characters in the film. We see him as the journalist who sets out to find the hidden dots in Meka Suri’s criminal case and connect them for a juicy novel. However, his quest to do so leads him to dirtier corners. Raghuram finds himself donning the cop’s uniform and doing the unthinkable. Was he correct or wrong? Well, it depends on how you look at the story.

Do you think men like them really exist? Find out more by watching Meka Suri exclusively on ZEE5, streaming now. Stay tuned to this space and know more about your favourite films and stars.

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