The Wife Review: Gurmeet Choudhary And Sayani Datta Starrer Is A Spine-Chilling Horror Tale With An Engaging Storyline

The Wife, starring Gurmeet Choudhary and Sayani Datta premiered on ZEE5 and makes for a worth-watching horror flick.

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March 19, 2021





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The Wife, a horror film starring Gurmeet Choudhary and Sayani Datta has premiered on ZEE5. The film revolves around the story of a couple who move into a new flat and begin experiencing eerie happenings. With an engaging plot, well-built horror, and great performances, The Wife is a worth watching film. Read on to know our review of The Wife.

The film begins with a creepy and mysterious scene of a woman killing an unknown person, by choking her. The scene then cuts to the next part, where a gangster has been released from prison and is moving towards a city with his accomplice. However, their car’s tyre punctures while they are on an unknown and deserted road surrounded by farms. The accomplice proceeds to get some help for the car, and the gangster left alone, notices some mysterious movements in the adjacent farms. The scene ends there and then we see a young couple, Arya and Varun, played by Sayani Datta and Gurmeet Choudhary, move into a new flat. From the very first scene, the film succeeds in building a creepy atmosphere, making the audience feel unsettled about the forthcoming horror.

Varun and Arya are planning to start a family but as soon as they move into the new flat, from their first few moments in the house, they begin experiencing creepy happenings. Arya notices these and informs Varun. He, even though has not noticed any happenings consciously, does get nightmares of a scary presence in the house. He also keeps getting constant calls from a certain ‘Vikram’, the secret about which is revealed later. The maid of the house, who brings her baby girl with her to the house, also begins experiencing eerie things. 

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Later, when Varun loses a big project, and at the same time Arya tries to convey to him that she feels a spirit is haunting the house, he dismisses her. Arya then calls her best friend Katrina (Devyanshi Kaushik), for help, and she tries an occult practice to find out if the house is haunted. The occult practice fails and soon the house experiences its worst and darkest occurrence – the maid’s baby dies in a gruesome way while they are in the house.

We are then also introduced to the character of Raima Das (Shweta Dadhicch), who is a professor and has expertise in the paranormal study. Arya approaches the professor for help, who confirms that a woman’s spirit is present in the house and that the spirit intends on killing Varun. She also says that it is not the house that is haunted, but Varun. While Arya gets gravely concerned, Varun insults and dismisses the professor’s theory. However, a super-scary occurrence with him makes him want to take the professor’s help.

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When Varun starts believing in the spirit’s presence, he narrates the story of his childhood to Arya. This childhood story contains the secret behind the hauntings and the name of the film and also connects to the first two opening scenes. Varun’s story has really some dark elements and takes us through moments that have ghastly and horrific occult practices. All of it adds up to the current time where Varun and Arya are facing the hauntings.

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The Wife is a very well-directed film that does not rely only on its jump-scares to scare the audience, like some cliched horror flicks. The film constantly has an eerie feel to it and the occult practices shown in it are what send shivers down the spine and give an even more sinister feel to it. Keeping the scares intact, The Wife does not fail to keep the audiences engaged in its plot and keeps a suspenseful revelation for the last moment.

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Coming to the performances, all the actors have given terrific performances. Gurmeet’s portrayal of Varun and Sayani’s portrayal of Arya was very convincing. The actors had a great screen presence and the chemistry between them also felt natural. Both of them have done an excellent job with their expressions and dialogue deliveries, as well, perfectly conveying the emotions of the characters. It is hard to believe that this is Sayani Datta’s first Hindi film, as she has given a really effective performance. Besides them, all the other actors in the cast of The Wife, have done a tremendous job.

The movie has commendable background music, which keeps the sense of eerie maintained throughout the film and also works well during the scary portions. The cinematography of the film is also fantastic. Especially, the crucial scenes of the film have been really well shot, while also having greatly centred frames. The editing of the movie is also laudable. It perfectly transitions the scenes while showing the changes in timelines.

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Sarmad Khan has done an excellent job in writing and directing the film. The film has a nice plot and brings a different story by combining the elements of voodoo and suspense. The direction of The Wife is also amazing. The film does not let you get unhooked from it for a single second and also unfolds its story in a perfectly structured manner. The film’s VFX also deserves praise, as the horror elements are created very well.

Overall, the film makes for an engaging watch with a lot more to offer in terms of horror than just jump-scares. The Wife is available to watch on ZEE5.

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