The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, hold’s the world record for most number of selfies

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, clicked pictures using his phone and the Guinness judges approved 105 of them



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The Jumanji reboot Welcome To the Jungle star had a larger-than-life persona inside the ring. His die-hard WWE fans regarded Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock as an immovable force and loved him for that. And in reciprocating this love from fans, Dwayne Johnson went on to pocket the title for clicking the most selfies in three minutes.

While this record was set back in 2015, it has created a buzz of late. Dwayne Johnson was basking in the glory of the two of his most successful releases that year. These included Fast and Furious 7 and San Andreas. Taking part in the London Premiere of San Andreas, Johnson took a total of 105 qualified selfies in three minutes to enter the Guinness World Record. The GWR rule book is very strict in determining a qualified selfie and should have the full face and neck of each participant.

Leaving no stone unturned

Dwayne Johnson did precisely that to enter the record book and threw a gauntlet for other fan crazy stars to break. It is not that Dwayne Johnson clicked precisely those number of pictures. He clicked more using his phone and the Guinness judges approved 105 of them, which nonetheless gave him the record. What amazed fans and industry watchers alike about this feat were the ability of Dwayne Johnson to push the limits, be it inside the ring or his current avatar as one of the most loved muscles of Hollywood.

According to a report in a daily, the actor gave a euphoric shout out saying, “We did it!”. The fans too must be super-excited in knowing that they too are now part of a record-setting effort from their favourite star. The versatility of Dwayne Johnson can be gauged from the fact that besides acting, he has also made a successful foray as a producer and lends his voice to animated projects of Hollywood studio majors with whom he shares a cordial relationship. Dwayne Johnson is set to give life to Krypto, the dog of Superman in the DC League of Super-Pets in this animated film. Fans can also look forward to Dwayne Johnson’s starrer Jungle Cruise that will release in India shortly. Emily Blunt is his co-star in this film.

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