The Best Comedians From India Tell You Why The Upcoming Com-Rom ‘Comedy Couple’ Is A Must Watch

Like Rahul Dua, Aishwarya Mohanraj and Sorabh Pant, these stand-up comedians highly recommend Comedy Couple on ZEE5

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October 13, 2020


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Comedy Couple on ZEE5 is one of the first movies in Hindi with the leading characters playing the roles of stand-up comedians. Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad play the roles of stand-up comedians who are also a romantic couple. The film is is set in Delhi and will offer a look at the lively and growing stand-up scene in Gurgaon.

Watch the trailer for Comedy Couple here.

Here are some of the funniest comedians from India who recommend that you should definitely watch this unique story that is not seen in Indian films often. The film also stars comedians Aadar Malik and Jasmeet Singh Bhatia.

Here’s Rahul Dua who also appeared in the ZEE5 stand-up comedy series Comedy Shots. He is curious to see how a couple perform together while they are fighting.

Aishwarya Mohanraj tells us how she reacts with the character of Deep Sharma (Saqib Saleem) and his lies. She also talks about her experience of dating comedians.

Prashasti Singh talks about her insecurities about dating a comedian. She also reveals her favourite line from the trailer.

Sorabh Pant has seen the trailer and remembered how he tests his jokes on his wife before telling them to audiences, but with a funny twist.

Ashish Shakya was already thinking of jokes that a ‘comedy couple’ would make in bed. He also got excited about seeing the real comedy venues used in the film.

Watch Saqib Saleem in the romantic comedy film Dil Junglee alongside Taapsee Pannu streaming only on ZEE5.

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