Sriimurali-Shivanna Won Hearts With 2 Power-Packed Songs In Mufti: Chanuranu & Onti Salaga

Composed by Ravi Basrur, these two songs were created to make a place in your heart, forever. Vote for your favourite – Chanooranu or Onti Salaga?

Parinika Uchil

December 29, 2019


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Directed by the talented Narthan, Mufti reached the hearts of millions after its release. A no-nonsense kind of a film, this movie is based on the life of an undercover cop Gana (Sriimurali) and his counterpart, an underworld gangster called Bhairathi Ranagal (Shiva Rajkumar). When these two strong personalities cross paths with each other, many problems that the lower-income groups face come to light.

To see the splendid chemistry between Sriimurali and Shivanna, watch the film here:

Gana, who is in the police department, is initially sent as an undercover cop into Bhairathi’s world to perform a sting operation and collect as much evidence against him as possible. A strong-willed Gana accepts this responsibility and reaches a place called Ronapura, Bhairathi’s village. Posing as a gangster, he soon enters Bhairathi’s life. What happens next will make you emotional.

Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, one thing to make note of is that this movie has only two songs, but two very meaningful ones.

1. Chanooranu

Sriimurali And Shiva Rajkumar In A Still From The Song Chanooranu
Sriimurali And Shiva Rajkumar In A Still From The Song Chanooranu

The first one is Chanooranu, that is made from Gana’s perspective as he is trying to figure out who Bhairathi is in reality. He tries to decipher whether the latter is truly a monster as the police claims. The singer Ravi Basrur sings this song in such a way that it will leave questions in your mind too about who Bhairathi truly is.

2. Onti Salaga

Sriimurali In A Still From The Song Onti Salaga
Sriimurali In A Still From The Song Onti Salaga

The second song is Onti Salagaand describes the personality of Gana. Sung by Vyasraj Sosale, Mohan, Srinivas and Ravi Basrur, it speaks of how he is enough to destroy the face of evil single-handedly. Sriimurali has kept up to this image throughout the film. His personality in the character of Gana shines brightly and will surely give you goosebumps.

Despite having just two songs, it doesn’t feel like we are missing out on anything. The background score is enough to compensate for the lack of more tracks in Mufti. If you haven’t watched this movie, you absolutely need to. While Sriimurali continues to wins the hearts of many, Shivanna, who has also acted in movies like The Villain has impressed us with his superior talent that overpowers everyone else.

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