SNEAK PEEK: What Happens When Arya Comes To Anu’s Pelli Choopulu In Prema Entha Madhuram?

Arya will make a surprise entry at Rajini’s house just in time for finalisation of Anu and Sampath’s wedding date. But what happens then? Find out.

Sneha Bale

July 23, 2020


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It has been a while since Arya and Anu, of Prema Entha Madhuram, have been toying around with their feelings for each other. After some happy instances and a lot of thought, Anu accepted her love for Arya, which wasn’t to be confused with admiration or platonic relationship. Arya kept pushing his feelings away and even drew his guard to keep Anu away from his heart. However, we know that the heart wants what it wants.

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Recently, Arya was pushed by Padma to convince Anu to marry someone else. Jende, who is supposed to be Arya’s well-wisher and best friend, kept warning him against mingling with Anu. And in such a stuck up scenario, Anu had to step her game up and make the first move. Despite her confession, Arya acted to pay no heed to her. But now, it seems things are about to change. Well, at least we hope so.

For a while, we have been seeing that Arya gatecrashes Anu’s Pelli Choopulu and the two lovers express their sadness through their eyes. But what exactly happens in Rajini’s house for them to look so shattered? Allow us to give you a sneak peek.

Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu thinks about Arya during her Pelli Choopulu (Source: ZEE5)

Arya tries to be a part of each function. He believes this would make Anu understand that what they have isn’t real. But in reality, Arya is trying to convince himself that Anu isn’t in love with him. It may seem complicated, but Anu has made up her mind to turn the tables and get the love of her life back. In the Pelli Choopulu, Raghupathi forces the priest to find a wedding date soon enough. And now, Anu has seven days to do what she wants.

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