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Shahid Kapoor’s THIS Song Holds A Special Place In Mira Rajput’s Heart; FIND OUT WHY


January 15, 2022

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Mira Rajput has revealed a song that has a special place in her heart. The reason behind so will leave you gushing at the star wife. Read to know more

Mira Rajput is a model and wife of Shahid Kapoor since 2009. She is quite active on social media. She is a YouTuber as well as a model for various health brands. She is a sweet family woman and a creative mind too. Recently, she shared pictures of their new home on social media.

She recently posted a video in which she answered questions about her husband Shahid Kapoor. Mira responded to a few questions in the video titled “Get To Know The Real Me!” During the round, she disclosed a song by musician Ed Shareen – Thinking Out Loud, that reminds her of Shahid (her husband). She also said that Shahid’s Bismil song is her personal favorite, giving her bumps every time she hears or sees it. Mira also answered questions on her favorite food, her definition of taste, fashion and styles, and other topics throughout the engagement session.

Mira is a celebrity wife, although not a celebrity still she has a huge fan following on social media. She enjoys her motherhood and celebrating love with her loved ones always, keeping her audience posted about the same.

The couple has two kids- Zain and Misha, who enjoy teaching and learning with them. They are true examples of parenting goals.
She had recently posted a video that featured her memories with her husband and family. People showered a lot of love on it. They went on a memorable vacay and posted amazing pictures from the trip.

There were rumors that Mira may be making her Bollywood debut, Mira Rajput opened up about her Bollywood debut and the responsibilities she bears as a mother of two children at an event. When asked about her Bollywood debut, the celebrity wife stated that she is extremely happy where she is right now and that she has no plans to enter the industry. It’s even more when you have two. And having a companion like Shahid and a family-like mine has given her a lot of support, she added.

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Mira’s fashion sense and health-consciousness are truly admirable. Every follower falls in love with her lifestyle.

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