Sembaruthi 14 July 2021 Written Update: Akhila asks Rasathi and Iniyan to stay at her house

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy requests Akhila to help Rasathi and Iniyan. Akhila helps Rasathi through Aadhi Kadavur Trust. Later, Akhila thanks Rasathi and Iniyan for their help and invites them to a party.


In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Iniyan and Rasathi visit Akhila, who introduces them to her family. Rasathi is surprised as Akhila doesn’t introduce Parvathy as her daughter-in-law. Shiva informs Nandini about Rasathi and Iniyan’s arrival. Nandini calls Vanaja and asks her to think of a plan to send Rasathi and Iniyan out of the house. Later, Vanja watches furiously as Rasathi and Parvathy hug each other, while their husbands, Iniyan and Adithya talk about how they feel like a family.

Rasathi and Iniyan join the family for dinner. Akhila requests Rasathi to let her serve the food and Rasathi obliges. Rasathi asks Parvathy to join them for dinner, but Parvathy declines. Akhila instructs Parvathy to sit next to Adithya for dinner. Ganga dislikes this and decides to teach Rasathi a lesson.

Akhila requests Iniyan to stay at her house as long as he and Rasathi want. Rasathi spots Shiva with a phone in the garden. Being aware of Shiva’s muteness, she suspects him. Rasathi agrees to stay at Akhila’s house later on at Akhila’s request. She informs Iniyan about Shiva having a phone.

The next morning, Kanmani and Kokila reach Akhila’s house, but the security guard prevents them from entering. Later, many villagers gather outside Akhila’s house to meet Rasathi. They are stopped by security guards. Rasathi spots the villager and tries to calm them down. As soon as Akhila hears the chaos, she calls the security guard and finds out what’s going on. Akhila asks Rasathi to bring the villagers into her house.

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