Sathya 7 September 2021 Written Update: Sathya fights the goons

A few goons create ruckus at the project site and attack Sathya’s friends and Ramalingam. Sathya comes to their rescue.

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September 7, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Ramalingam argues with Sathya as she refuses to work on the project. But to his surprise, Sathya agrees to work on the project. Later, Sathya announces her decision about the project to Prabhu.

In the next episode of Sathya,  Prabhu tells Sathya that the project will bring losses to the company. Sathya tells him that she will take up the project as an individual and not under the company. Sadashivam mocks Sathya for being illiterate upon hearing this. Prabhu argues that Sathya may be illiterate but she is capable of handling the project. This cheers Sathya. Later, Sadashivam walks to and fro in his room lost in deep thoughts about Sathya’s decision to take up the project. Anitha and Veerasingham approach him. They discuss Sathya’s decision and vent out their frustration. Anitha tells Sadashivam that they must think of a plan to teach Sathya a lesson, Sadashivam agrees with her.

Makkan watches in awe as Ramalingam digs the land for the project. A few goons approach the men and ask them to stop working on the plot. Ramalaingam informs them that they are working on the plot as part of the tender. When Sathya’s friends argue with the goons, the latter starts attacking them. Sathya’s friends put up a good fight, but loose. Elsewhere at Sathya’s father’s grave, Sathya, Prabhu and their families offer prayers. Sathya receives a call from Manadaipoone, but Janaki asks her to ignore the call as they are at the graveyard. Panaimande, who is present at the grave, receives a call from Mandaipoone, who informs him about the fight. Panaimande informs Sathya about it. She loses her temper, starts her bike, and leaves in a haste On seeing this, Janaki and Prabhu question Panaimande, who hesitates at first.  He later informs Prabhu and Janaki about the fight at the site.

Sathya reaches the site and approaches the men. She puts for the condition before entering into a fight with them. She tells them to not punch on her stomach. Sathya fights the rowdies.

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