Sathya 27 August Written Update: Sathya’s friends and Janaki try to stop Sathya from riding the bike

Sathya’s friends fail in their attempt and eventually, Sathya rides the bike.

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August 27, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Divya argues with Ranjith for helping Sathya. The women hired by Divya demand money from her and blackmail her. Indhumati gets worried when Prabhu agrees to fulfill Sathya’s desire to ride a bike.

In this episode of SathyaJanaki rushes to Indhumathi’s house and asks why she was called so urgently. Indhumathi tells Janaki about Sathya’s conversation with Prabhu about riding a bike. Janaki is requested to explain to Sathya the cons of such an action. Consequently, Makkan assures Indhumathi he will discuss it with Sathya. He goes to Sathya’s room, where Sathya is busy listening to music. Makkan hesitates to speak when he sees Sathya. He utters the word bike but ends up asking if he should clean it. Satya reprimands him and tells him that the watchman has already cleaned the bike. Makkan goes to Janaki and informs her that he had no courage to speak to Sathya. Panaimande decides to speak to Sathya in her room. But he too fails to speak to Sathya. Mandaipoone then decides to talk to Sathya, but he fails to initiate the conversation. Eventually, Janaki tells Indhumathi that she will speak to Sathya and goes to Sathya’s room. Sathya is delighted to see Janaki. But before Janaki could say anything, Sathya tells her that she wishes to go home with her to announce her pregnancy to her father.

Upon returning home from work, Prabhu is surprised to see Janaki, Makkan, Panamandai, and Mandaipoone at home. Indhumathi tells him the reason for their visit when he questions him. Prabhu decides to handle the situation, but soon Sathya tells him that she is going to Janaki’s house. Prabhu agrees and Sathya leaves with Janaki on the bike.
Sathya gets startled when Prabhu catches her eating something secretly. She hides it from Prabhu. But Prabhu sees the mango in Sathya’s hand and mocks her. He eats it and realises that it is very sour. Prabhu scolds Sathya for eating a sour mango but Sathya insists on eating the same. Indhumathi intervenes and Prabhu tells her what happened. Indhumathi tells Prabhu that it is common for pregnant women to eat something sour during the first trimester. As Sathya leaves, Indhumathi questions Prabhu for not taking care of Sathya. She advises Prabhu to take good care of Sathya during the first trimester. Prabhu decides to take Sathya to the office. He shares the decision with Sathya, who hesitates to agree. Sathya tells Prabhu that Sadashivam and Nirmala wouldn’t like it if she goes to the office. Prabhu shares the same with Indhumathi and decides to take the opinion of the family. Accordingly, the family calls for a meeting and Sathya asks for their opinion.

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