Sathya 23 October 2021 Written Update: The ex-MLA slaps Janaki

Sathya tries her best to stay in the house, but Anita and Sadashivam think of a plan to harm Sathya. As part of their plan, the ex-MLA reaches Janaki’s house. He threatens and slaps her. Will Sathya come to Janaki’s rescue?

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October 22, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya,  Sathya feels elated as Prabhu organises ‘Golu’ puja at home. Sathya sings a song at the function. Prabhu’s family rejoices when he and Sathya choose the same name for the unborn baby.


In the next episode of Sathya, Indhumthi is surprised as Sathya and Prabhu think of similar names for their unborn child. As Janaki is about to leave, Sathya asks her to take some food made for the Golu function, home. Janaki agrees, but decides to ask Sathya about something. As Janaki hesitates, Sathya questions her about what she wants to talk to her. Janaki asks Sathya if she is still upset with Prabhu. To this Sathya smiles and tells Janaki that she is not. As Sathya leaves, Prabhu approaches Janaki and thanks her for talking to Sathya.


Meanwhile, Sadashivam, Anita and Veerasingham meet an ex-MLA. The trio decides to harm Janaki in order to teach Sathya a lesson. Accordingly, the ex-MLA and his men reach Janaki’s house. The men start throwing the things in Janaki’s house. Once they are done, the ex-MLA asks Janaki to call Sathya. He tells Janaki how he plans to humiliate Sathya at the public bus stop. When Janaki refuses to oblige, the ex-MLA slaps Janki. The neighbours, who are watching this intervene, but the ex-MLA threatens them and continues to slap Janaki. He threatens to visit her until she calls Sathya to meet him.

Anita wait to hear the news about the ex-MLA’s visit to Janaki’s house. She calls Muthu, a neighbour of Janaki’s to enquire about the same. Muthu informs Anitha about whatever happened. Anita asks Muthu to inform Sathya about the ruckus created by the ex-MLA. Muthu’s words infuriate Sathya. She decides to step out of the house and teach the ex-MLA a lesson. Makkan calls Parbhu and informs him about the incident that happened at Janki’s house. He further tells Prabhu that Sathya may try to leave the house to meet the ex-MLA. Upon hearing this, Prabhu rushes to his house. He reaches home and calls for Sathya. Has Sathya crossed the line and stepped out of the house to teach the ex-MLA a lesson?

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