Sathya 14 September 2021 Written Update: Prabhu learns about Sathya’s health

The doctor reveals the truth about Sathya’s pregnancy to Prabhu.

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September 14, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Prabhu purchases toys for the unborn baby and calls Sathya home. Later, Prabhu’s family watches the news on TV that flashes footage of Sathya protesting outside Usha’s daughter’s school.

In the next episode of Sathya, Prabhu and Indhumathi watch Sathya on the Tv as she fights for a poor girl not being allowed in the school. Anitha makes a ruckus about the situation, but Saumya speaks in Sathya’s favour and how Sathya loves to help the needy. While at the school, with Sathya’s support the young girl gets admitted to the school. The people present at the site appreciate Sathya. As Sathya is about to leave the place, she receives a call from Prabhu. As Sathya is about to explain the situation to him, Prabhu tells her that he is aware of her fight at the school. Soon, Sathya faints. Makkan, who is standing beside Sathya takes the phone and tells Prahhu about Sathya’s condition. He tells Prabhu that he is taking Sathya to the hospital.

Prabhu rushes to the hospital and finds Sathya’s room. When he tries to wake up Sathya, the doctor walks into the room and questions him. Upon learning that Prabhu is Sathya’s husband, the doctor has a word with Prabhu in private. The doctor tells Prabu that Sathya is very weak and that if she doesn’t care for herself, she may lose the baby. She emphasises that this is the first and the last baby that Sathya will ever have. The doctor’s words leave Prabhu in dismay. He soon goes to Sathya but does not reveal anything to her.

Prabhu and Sathya reach home. While closing the door of the car, Prabhu advises Sathya to walk carefully, but Sathya mocks him. She further tells him about the change she has noticed in him since they left the hospital. when they enter the house, Indhumathi rushes to the couple and enquires about Sathya. Sathya boasts before the family that she is absolutely fine and that nothing can happen to her. Saumya asks Kathir to show Sathya the toys bought by Prabhu. Upon seeing the toys, Sathya laughs continuously. This irks Anitha and she reprimands Sathya for mocking Prabhu. By this time, Prabhu has lost his temper and reprimands Sathya for being casual about her pregnancy.


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