Sathya 12 August Written Update: Will Prabhu be arrested?

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August 13, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, Ranjith proposes to Divya. The police beat Makkan when the site supervisor tries to frame him. Sathya learns about Makkan. Later, the constable beats Sathya when she hits the inspector.

In this episode of Sathya, Sathya escapes from the police. She manages to grab a bike from a friend and rushes to the site. Meanwhile, the goon places the bomb in the under-constructed building. Sathya reaches the site and looks for the man, who hides on seeing Sathya. Sathya manages to find the bomb and tries to get her hands on it, but fails. She alerts the workers on the site and instructs them to escape. Sathya and the workers watch as the building comes crashing down after the bomb blast.

Sadashivam jumps with joy when the goon informs him about the demolition of the building. As the goon disconnects Sadashivam’s call, he spots Sathya standing right before him. The goon tries to escape but Sathya chases him. Sathya calls Makkan and warns him about Prabhu’s arrest.

Meanwhile, the police inspector calls Sadashivam and confirms that he will arrest Sathya. He soon reaches the colony to arrest Sathya. Sathya’s neighbours block the police inspector as he comes to arrest Prabhu. The goon escapes from Sathya, but Sathya manages to trace him with the help of his phone. Accordingly, Sathya reaches the lodge inhabited by the goon and his acquaintance.

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