Sathya 01 October 2021 Written Update: Saumya decides to leave the house

Saumya decides to shift to Kathir’s house for her pregnancy. This leaves the family shocked. When Nirmala and Sadashivam stop Saumya from leaving, Indhumtahi tells them the reason for Saumya’s decision.

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September 30, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya,  Sathya serves food to a pregnant woman, who blesses her. Veerasingham informs Anita how Sathya pacified an annoyed Prabhu. Later, Indhumati tells Kathir about the astrologers’ prediction.

In the next episode of Sathya, Prabhu watches as Sathya shares her grievances with the fish in the fish tank. She decides to talk to the fish whenever she feels agitated.

Anita and Veersaingham are shocked upon seeing Saumya stand with a luggage bag. They question her if she was going somewhere. Saumya tells them she is going to Kathir’s house. She further announces that she will be staying there throughout her pregnancy. Her statement leaves Sadashivam and Nirmala shocked. Sadashivam stops her and assumes that it is Kathir who instigated Saumya to stay at Majilikuppam. Nirmala too argues with Saumya and questions her decision. Sathya and Prabhu stop Saumya from going to Kathir’s house. But Indhumathi intervenes and supports Saumya. A helpless Indhumathi reveals the reason for Saumya’s decision. She tells the family members that as per the tradition, two pregnant women cannot stay in one house. Prabhu brushes away Indhumathi’s belief in such a tradition and asks Saumya to continue to stay in the house.

Later, Indhumathi instructs Saumya to be away from Sathya and to not eat with her. Prabhu overhears their conversation and asks Saumya to ignore Indhumathi’s words. When Prabhu leaves, Indhumathi continues to advise Saumya while the latter agrees to implement the same.

Sathya is pleasantly surprised as Makkan reaches her house. Makkan tells Sathya that he is there to invite everyone to his wedding. He further tells Sathya that she must be the one to give his bride the ‘thali’ during the wedding. Upon hearing Makkan’s words, Sathya and Indhumathi become speechless and look at each other.



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