Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17: Contestants And Judges Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Check out some of the most outstanding performances given on Ganesh Chaturthi. Details inside.


August 24, 2020


2 min


Last week in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17, Govardhan Thaatha, dressed like those from the 70’s, sang the song Love Me Or Hate Me from the movie Shankar Guru (1978) that starred Raj Kumar while Asha Bhat, looking cute as ever, sang Malli Malli Minchulli from Gejje Naada!

In this episode, all the contestants and judges wish each other for Ganesh Chaturthi as it is an auspicious day and all the performances will be a tribute to the festival and Lord Ganesha himself.


Anushree also welcomed the judges, contestants and the viewers of the show. Doesn’t she look beautiful and full of energy in this one?


The first performance was by Srinidhi Shastri who sang Baare Baare from the movie Kurubana Rani to get us all into the festive mood and must we say he really managed to keep us entertained.

Srinidhi Shastri

To take part in this celebrations, we also had Manjunath, an ex-contestant of Comedy Khiladigalu who took out a few minutes to crack some funny jokes and share a laugh with the singers and judges on this special day.

Manjunath, an ex-contestant of Comedy Khiladigalu

The next performance was by Police Officer Subramani Sir dressed up as Raaj The Showman starring Puneeth Rajkumarand Priyanka Kothari.

Police Officer Subramani Sir

Catch the cutest moment in the show where Arjun Janya and Anushree showed us a few steps and celebrated the festival in full spirit.

Arjun Janya

Another beautiful performance given was by Ratnamma and Manjamma who sang a song for Lord Ganesha on this auspicious occasion.

Ratnamma and Manjamma


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