Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 25 July 2020 Update: Unlocking Happiness With Music

Zaid Ali steals the show with his rendition of ‘Kun faya kun’. Watch this episode only on ZEE5


September 29, 2020


7 min


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs is back and to honor the real heroes  ZEE TV deep heartedly welcomes the COVID-19 survivors by giving them tribute via standing ovation leaving everybody in deep thought and numbness with watery eyes. This was done to make them understand that we’ all are proud of the God-help they are providing to the nation working hard day and night to save lives. Judges, juries, and participants are sending Dr. Sharmila a hero’s welcome and her sad tale is breaking everybody.

Keep your eyes on the page until the down, to understand what actually happened in the show:

The most popular and entertaining show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs’ is back on the track after the lockdown, with the whole group taking legitimate prudent steps to fight the race of Coronavirus by avoiding catching the disease. The show judges namely Alka Yagnik, Himesh Reshammiya, and Javed Ali make a complete dhamakedaar passage on the show. Maniesh Paul as always being one of the best hosts engages everybody with his mind and cleverness. His sense of humor is just commendable. He begins the melodic unscripted TV drama on a positive note. The primary hopeful of the night is Madhav Arora who sings ‘Aane se uske aaye bahar’. The jury gives him 99.3 focuses and Judge Javed Ali acknowledged Madhav for duplicating Rafi Sahab Ji. The Bollywood well-known artist guides Madhav to be increasingly inventive while singing.

Following the pattern, the next melodious vocalist to perform on the stage is Ranita Banerjee who ruled millions of hearts by singing ‘Ghar more pardesiya’ from the popular Kalank film. Ranita dazzles the adjudicators and the jury with her pleasant singing and gets 100% focuses. Judge Alka acclaims Ranita and is amped up for Ranita’s marking. Judge Javed Ali says that Ranita is all set and prepared for playback singing by calling her the upcoming future of singing and values her insight for a beat. She gave everybody Goosebumps with her amazing heart touching voice and performance.

Maniesh advises watchers to rate the challengers by downloading ZEE5 play and speculating the score. Saksham Sonawane sings the famous song named ‘photocopy’ and sets the phase ablaze with his fiery exhibition. The jury gives 100% focus to Saksham and he gets thankfulness for his hypnotizing execution. His voice made everybody hear him repeatedly. Aaryananda Babu performs from her old neighborhood and sings ‘Raina Beete Jaye’. Himesh Reshammiya gets passionate after Aaryananda performs and emotional with watery eyes. Himesh gets astounded and feels contacted with her exhibition. Undoubtedly, Aaryananda too gets 100% focuses on the jury.

“Givers are always better than takers…!” Yes, you heard it right. Doctors, – are the live example of them. They have been on their toes working 24/7 with minimal breaks, making their own lives the least of priority and standing with full heart to help the affected public. Somewhere, somehow…their efforts are left uncounted and unnoticed because not everybody can reach them to show their tribute. However, the minimum we can do is stay at home, take precautionary measures, to make their life easier and respect them with a full heart. Everybody gives proper respect to the crown warriors and values their endeavors during such a troublesome time. This is the biggest teaching of the show. Dr. Sharmila Bahulekar spouse of Dr. Anil Bahulekar, an amazing doctor, died due to COVID. He kept his facility open during the pandemic and was consistently up for his obligation. Dr. Anil was a specialist by calling however an artist by his energy. His significant other says that her better half consistently needed to try out for the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show and needed to sing on the stage. Judges, jury, and contender give overwhelming applause to Dr. Sharmila and her sad story leaves everybody in tears. Maniesh gives a little badge of appreciation to Dr. Sharmila. She demands Madhav to sing the evergreen song named ‘Pathar Ke Sanam’ for her.

The next competitor to set the stage on fire by his performance is Saksham alongside Sai Joshi. The couple sing ‘Mutkodi Kavadi Hada’ and their on-screen chemistry was just superb and mind-blowing. The jury gives them 100% and Judge Javed Ali is by all accounts very dazzled with Saksham and Sai’s singing. Next Corona warrior is Roshan Chaudhary who has not met his family for a quarter of a year and has been shipping COVID-19 patients to the emergency clinic. Maniesh and others value Roshan’s devotion towards humankind and give him a terrific salute. Alka Yagnik considers them the genuine saints and Maniesh gives him a badge of adoration and appreciation for buckling down during this pandemic.

Maniesh calls Madhav and Tanishka to perform next on ‘Oh Haseena’ song. The jury gives them 100% marks for their outstanding performance. The show, indeed, left all of us in tears and gave the hope too to struggle with this pandemic with the right mindset and positivity. Additionally, it taught us that whatever the situation may be, always count your blessings rather than counting the things you fail to get. Appreciating Doctors, their efforts are the highlight of the entire show. Nobody can compete with his or her efforts. With no second thought in mind, it was made obvious that they are the living Gods saving the lives of millions!

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