REVIEW: Harano Prapti is thought provoking, hard hitting, and entertaining all at the same time

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September 18, 2020


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Harano Prapti is the latest Bengali movie on ZEE5. Directed by Raja Chanda, Harano Prapti stars Soham Chakraborty, Tanushree Chakraborty, and Paayel Sarkar in the lead roles. Mainak (Soham Chakraborty) is a successful businessman from London who works for a high-end car company. Namrata (Paayel Sarkar) is Mainak’s girlfriend. She and Mainak’s parents eagerly wait for him to come back from London, after which the film really takes off. One night, while driving home, Mainak sees a horrifically injured woman (Tanushree Chakraborty) lying by the road.

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Mainak rescues the woman and rushes her into the emergency room of a hospital. It turns out that she has been brutally gang-raped and beaten up, and much to his shock, even the doctor, who is his friend, dissuades him from getting involved. He insinuates that the woman may have even been a prostitute as if that were a justification for what she has just been through. Mainak calls it out immediately, but despite his best efforts, finds that the woman has disappeared from the hospital the next day!

Harano Prapti
Source: ZEE5

Mainak manages to rescue Maya, the victim, from the clutches of the gang of goons who are out to exploit her– several times over. However, when she gets kidnapped and taken to a different city the next time, Mainak develops an obsession with finding her again. This stems from the feeling that he has failed her, and Namrata, his girlfriend, sees this.

Harano Prapti
Source: ZEE5

Harano Prapti is a unique film for several reasons. Not only does it shine a light on the hypocrisies that are a part of our society, but it also raises awareness about some serious problems that women have to face which have even been normalised. At the same time, it sneaks in elements of romance, intrigue, and conflict, which keep you riveted throughout! What happens to Maya? What happens to Namrata? Watch Harano Prapti to find out exactly how the story plays out and reaches a resolution.

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