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RejctX Fame Masi Wali Reveals His ‘Cheesy’ side on Unbox With Zee5, Read More

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January 10, 2021

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RejctX Fame Masi Wali a.k.a Aarav Sharma recently sat for an interview with Zee5 and spilled all the beans related to his personal life, Read

Zee5’s popular show RejctX is quite known for its take on contemporary subjects such as addiction, body image issues, self-identity, etc. While we’re loving the show and the characters, we cannot help but wish to know more about what’s going on in the lives of our favorite characters off-camera. Well, wait no more –  RejctX Fame Masi Wali a.k.a Aarav Sharma recently sat for an interview with Zee5 and spilled all the beans related to his personal life.

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Masi Wali recently featured on Unbox with Zee5 and spilled all the beans about his love life, bad habits, perfect dates, etc. Here’s what he had to say about a few questions asked –

What is your favorite morning song?

Even though Masi Wali revealed that he is a night person, turns out he has a rather “cheesy” favorite morning song. He said, “this is going to be very cheesy but I would say Fiza from the movie Fiza”.  He used to listen to this song when he was young and mentioned that the music and the sound of the waves give him peace and set the mood for the day.

What makes you really angry?

While expressing his views on what angers him a lot, he mentioned punctuality and said “generally, I’m very punctual with time. I am not used to waiting for half an hour extra for appointments and stuff so I think non-punctuality kind of gets to me at times”

One bad habit that no one knows about?

Wali explained that he likes to take his morning beverage before brushing his teeth. “I usually like to have my coffee or tea in the morning before I brush my teeth. I think it is because when you wake up in the morning you kind of want to warm up your vocals. Brushing takes away the feel and aroma of the tea or coffee” he said.












What is your idea of a perfect date? 

Masi gushed upon his ‘perfect date’ and said going on a hike, taking some snacks and a bottle of wine, and reaching the peak of the hike before sunset is his idea of a perfect date. When asked if he has done this before, he said “yeah, I have. It is quite an experience when you’re up there”

Who is your 3 Am friend? 

Wali revealed that his girlfriend is his 3 Am friend. He said “My 3 Am friend would be Tamannah. She is my girlfriend and my oldest friend I have had in my life. We have been friends since I was 16. He also mentioned that in a relationship, he would never ask his partner to ‘leave something’ or ‘hold back’ something just to ‘accommodate’ himself better.

If not an actor, you would be?

Wali said “if not an actor, I would be a private investigator or maybe a director. If not a private investigator then anything related to cinematic arts, perhaps direction” When asked why private investigator? Warsi said “I did my undergraduation in criminal law and my masters in immigration law. I’ve always had an interest in the psychology of criminal minds”

One thing that 2020 has taught you?

While explaining what he has learned from 2020, Wali said “one thing 2020 has taught me is that there is no skill or art that you can’t learn from the internet….there should be no excuse for you not learning something..”

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