Recalling 9 Life Changing Quotes By Infosys Chairperson Sudha Murthy On Her 69th Birthday

Parinika Uchil

August 19, 2019

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1. Have You Ever Wondered Why Sudha Murthy Ma'am Never Wears Exotic Apparel And Accessories?

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Born on 19 August 1950, just three years after India got Independence, Sudha Murthy (then Kulkarni) is one of the best writers (Kannada, English, Marathi) of the country and an esteemed social worker too. Over the years, her simplicity, her will to motivate the youth as well as her passion to help those who are less fortunate has made an icon to millions of India around the globe. Even when she recently appeared on the blockbuster show of Karnataka Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, we were so thrilled to find out some really wow-worthy facts about both her and Padma Vibhushan Narayana Murthy.

What’s more, while we all pray for the recovery of all the parts of Karnataka that are threatened by nature, she has offered ten crore rupees for those in need of immediate help. You have to agree that very few personalities are so selfless that you can look up to them for all the right things in life?

On her birthday today, we would like to share some really enlightening quotes said by Sudha Ma’am, that will just uplift your mood. The first life-lesson being the one on simplicity.

2. The Secret Reason Why Sudha Ma'am Chose Narayana Murthy As Her Life-Partner, Revealed...

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According to sources, while choosing Narayana Murthy as her husband, these simple qualities are what she saw in him and vice versa. #Couplegoals

3. It Is Important To Know That Class Cannot Be Defined By Wealth

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Rightfully said by Sudha Ma’am, no one or nothing on this planet earth can define ‘class’ with money. I don’t know about you but this quote just made my day!

4. What Is Life But A Question Paper?

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For those of you, who are struggling to figure things out in life, use this quote by birthday legend Sudha Murthy and make things easier in life.

5. Teachers Should Be Given The Highest Respect, Here's Why

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Did you know that Sudha Murthy Ma’am secured the highest rank in B.E amongst all Karnataka Engineering Institutes? For this, she was even given a gold medal by ex-CM of Karnataka, Sri Devaraj Urs. So therefore, trust in her advice about giving your teacher all the possible respect you can give.

6. Whenever You Are Looking For An Answer To A Problem, Use Sudha Ma'am's Advice

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Breaking all the barriers of a male-dominated era, Sudha Murthy is the first-ever female engineer to be hired by TELCO, one of the largest auto-manufacturers of India. She fought for this job in a matured manner objecting the ‘men-only’ rule and was hired right after her interview. If something is not going right, all you have to know is the truth that speaks from within you because sometimes anger is not the answer.

7. As A Human, These Things Should Be Your Top Priority

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There is nothing that Sudha Ma’am keeps to her heart expect the love of her near and dear ones, including her little Golden Retriever baby, Gopi. For her, the emotions matter more than any financial asset. Two brownie points for you if you have nothing but respect in your heart for this lady.

8. The Biggest Weapon You Have To Make Anything Possible, Is You!

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Except for her own determination to make a difference in the lives of others, everything else in Sudha Murthy’s life was secondary. She will power and motivation to do something has brought her to the high pedestal we like to keep her in. So if ever you are self-doubting yourself, Sudha Ma’am should be your biggest motivation to achieve something you have aimed for.

9. Your Children Are Your Reflection

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Despite being a parent of the 80s, the Infosys Chairperson’s views are so liberal that even for parents she should be a role model. Both her children, Rohan and Akshata are happily settled in their married life with their chosen life partners. And we all know that this could have been possible only with liberal parents like Mr and Mrs Narayana Murthy.

Give a big shout out the birthday girl, Sudha Murthy Ma’am, in the comments box provided below.

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