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Rani Rashmoni 29 September 2021 Written Update: Gadadhar gets rid of Ambikacharan’s addiction


October 1, 2021

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When Jogen’s husband landlord Ambikacharan comes in search of Gadadhar in an inebriated state. Haran Thakur objects and wants him to be removed from the temple premises. However, Gadadhar tells everyone that he is his friend, and they plan to get intoxicated together. Gadadhar gets alcohol for him and pours it out while chanting Ma Kali’s name and the alcohol turns to milk. When Ambikacharan drinks it, he becomes sober. Even when he drinks the alcohol from his own bottle, it has the same effect. Gadadhar tells him he will give him something stronger and takes him to the Radha-Krishna temple. As Gadadhar sings, Ambikacharan stands rooted to his position.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni we see that a photographer called Gaurhari comes to the Janbazzar house to take photos of the young couples. Padma gets angry with Dwarika for calling him home but gives her consent when she finds out that Ganesh too was involved in making the plan. Dwarika makes Kumudini wear a beautiful necklace and Ganesh gets Annada to dress up. The young couples then have their pictures taken. Meanwhile, Landlord Ambikacharan, who is Jogen’s husband, comes to meet Gadadhar in an inebriated state. Haran Thakur objects to his entry, but Gadadhar welcomes him. Gadadhar asks Hriday to get alcohol for the landlord and says they will get intoxicated together.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Gadadhar asks Hriday to get alcohol for the landlord and says they will get intoxicated together. Haran Thakur objects and says that no intoxication can be allowed in the temple premises and if he wants to drink alcohol then he must go with the landlord to the burning ghat.

However, Gadadhar tells the landlord to sit in front of the Shiv temple and wait. Jogen starts crying and begs Gadadhar not to drink with her husband. She says just to drive her sorrow away he should not lose his own respect. Gadadhar tells her he will see whose intoxication is greater, his or Ambikacharan’s.

Gadadhar pours out the alcohol that Hriday brings into Ambikacharan’s bowl. As he pours it, he keeps chanting Ma Kali’s name. He tells Ma Kali to get Ambikacharan intoxicated and keeps praying as he pours alcohol into his bowl. The alcohol in Ambikacharan’s hands turns into milk and as he drinks it he becomes sober.

He asks Gadadhar what he made him drink that did this to him. He tells him to pour him a drink from his own bottle. Gadadhar obliges and keeps chanting Ma Kali’s name as he does this. Gadadhar tells Ma Kali to get Ambikacharan intoxicated in the true sense. Once again, Ambikacharan drinks the alcohol and finds himself sober. He cannot understand what is happening.

Gadadhar then tells him to get the strongest alcohol he has from home. Ambikacharan says all his intoxication has left him and goes to get more alcohol from home. Jogen asks Gadadhar how he performed this miracle. Gadadhar says the real miracle has yet to happen. He tells her that by just making him leave this addiction is not enough he has to be given a new addiction too.

Haran Thakur asks Gadadhar what is this new magic he is doing and asks how Ambikacharan is not getting intoxicated despite drinking so much alcohol. Gadadhar explains to him that it’s because he is taking Ma Kali’s name when he gives him the alcohol. Gadadhar explains that there is no intoxication greater than chanting Ma Kali’s name.

Ambikacharan arrives with more alcohol and Gadadhar pours the drink out for him. But before Gadadhar can chant Ma Kali’s name, Ambikacharan stops him and says if Gadadhar chants Ma Kali’s name again, he will not drink the alcohol. Gadadhar says he will not take her name and chants Lord Krishna’s name this time. Again, Ambikacharan does not get intoxicated and asks Gadadhar what he did.

He asks Gadadhar to try the drink and see but Gadadhar says he needs something much stronger to get intoxicated. Ambikacharan asks him what he takes and says he would like to try the same thing.

Gadadhar then takes Ambikacharan into the Radha Krishna temple with him. Ambikacharan feels uneasy and asks Gadadhar where he has brought him. Gadadhar tells him that he has brought him to a place where once he is intoxicated, his intoxication will stay forever. He tells Ambikacharan he can try to leave but adds that he will not be able to. As Gadadhar song resounds through the temple, Ambikacharan stands rooted to his position.

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