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Rani Rashmoni 2 December, 2021 Written Update: Gadadhar senses a spirit’s presence at the temple site

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December 7, 2021

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Gadadhar sits deep in prayer at the Kali mandir while Haran Thakur reaches the temple site and says he will do the `bhit puja’ for the Annapurna temple. Gadadhar gets a vision that Dwarika’s stole catches fire and decides to go there immediately. Meanwhile, as Haran Thakur offers ghee oblation a spark files and sets Dawarika’s stole ablaze. Kumudini douses the fire with Gangajal and saves Dwarika’s life but he falls down unconscious. Finally, Gadadhar manages to revive him with his prayers. Gadadhar says there is someone who doesn’t want the temple to be built here and they should stop the puja for now.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, when Dwarika and Jagadamba come to the temple, Gadadhar asks Hriday to give Dwarika the Mangal Ghat. But while Hriday goes to hand the holy pot to Dwarika, it falls and breaks. Everyone thinks it’s a bad omen but Gadadhar says he will pray to Ma Kali and locks himself in the Kali temple to pray. The next day, the ‘bhit puja’ arrangements are made at the Annapurna temple site and everyone except Jagadamba is present. Ganesh gets the Gangajal for the puja while Jagadamba gets the `Mangal Ghat’ and places it on the foundation stone or ‘bhit’. However, the horse cart sent to fetch Gadadhar returns empty as Gadadhar is still meditating in the Kali temple. Trilokya and Ramchandra suggest that Haran Thakur should be called, but Dwarika insists on waiting for Gadadhar. Kumudini is also of the same view.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, as the auspicious time for the puja passes, Trilokya says if Gadadhar can’t come for the puja it’s better to call Haran Thakur for it. Meanwhile, Haran Thakur arrives there and says that after the Mangal ghat broke, Gadadhar has locked himself up in the Kali temple. He says he saw the horse cart sent for Gadadhar go back empty and felt he should come and do the puja before the auspicious time lapses. Under pressure from Ramchandra and Trilokya, Jagadamba tells Haran Thakur to go ahead and start the puja. However, Jagadamba sends Ganesh and Raghob to fetch Gadadhar. She tells them Dwarika can’t go as he has to be present for the ‘yagna’. Haran Thakur is eager to keep Jagadamba and Dwarika happy so that he can get the post of the head priest at the new Annapurna temple.

In a trance, Gadadhar sees Dwarika’s scarf catch fire and panics. He feels he must go there immediately. He sees Raghob and Ganesh outside the Kali temple and tells them he got a vision that something bad was about to happen and asks them to quickly take him to the Annapurna temple’s site.

While Dwarika wonders why Gadadhar didn’t come for the puja, Jagadamba wonders if the puja will be auspicious in Gadadhar’s absence. Kumudini feels that Gadadhar got a premonition of a bad omen and is therefore praying to Ma Kali.

Suddenly, as Haran Thakur puts ghee oblation into the ‘yagna’ fire. The fire rages and Dwarika’s stole catches fire. Everyone starts running around and looking for water to douse the fire. Kumudini not knowing what to do picks up the pot with Gangajal and throws the water on Dwarika. Though the fire is doused, Dwarika faints and falls.

Kumudini prays to Ma Ganga to save her husband’s life while Jagadamba starts crying. Haran Thakur, Trilokya and the others are baffled as Dwarika was standing far away from the flames and they can’t understand how Dwarika’s stole caught fire. They find the whole thing unnatural. Haran Thakur also can’t understand how this happened as there was no wind blowing.

Kumudini feels this is what Gadadhar had apprehension about and asks them to get Gadadhar there immediately. Just then Gadadhar arrives there. He stops Raghob from calling a doctor and takes Dwarika’s head on his lap and prays to Ma Kali. As Kumudini and Jagadamba join him in praying, Trilokya thinks it’s bunkum. Ramchandra too feels they should have called a doctor and feels Gadadhar’s prayers will be of no use. But Dwarika soon opens his eyes and is glad to see that Gadadhar has come. Gadadhar makes him sit up and Kumudini gives him the Gangajal to drink. Annada tells Dwarika that Kumudini doused the fire with the Gangajal otherwise he may have lost his life.

Jagadamba asks Gadadhar if the land is not the right place to set up a temple. Though Haran Thakur wants the ‘yagna’ to continue, Gadadhar says for the time being the puja must be stopped. Gadadhar says that’s the reason why the `mangal ghat’ broke the other day and then this incident happened today. Gadadhar feels there is someone who doesn’t want the temple to be set up on this land.

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