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Rani Rashmoni 17 November, 2021 Written Update: Dwarika sees Kumudini

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November 24, 2021

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When Dwarika tells Gadadhar that he has been tirelessly looking for Kumudini everywhere, Gadadhar tells him he will pray to Ma Jagadhatri so that he can see her. Dwarika then sees Kumudini’s feet and recognizes them. She runs away when he walks towards her, but he follows her into the jungle. Kumudini refuses to come before him as everyone is at the temple and he would be humiliated in front of everyone. She goes to the ghat and thinks of killing herself. However, Sarada stops her and tells her if the Divine Mother wants them to come together then nothing can prevent it from happening. Soon Dwarika reaches the ghat and hearing him call out her name, Kumudini runs away from there. Dwarika finds her anklet on the ghat’s steps and realizes she is alive. He tells her if she doesn’t come before him, he will enter the turbulent waters of the Ganga.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, after eating the ‘bhog’ that Kumudini left for him, Dwarika goes to look for Kumudini. As Kumudini picks up his ‘bhog’ bowl and cries Kamala and Annada come to the ghat and find her. Kamala tells her that Dwarika did not want to look for her initially and only did so when her saree was found at Rudreshwar’s site and everyone thought she was dead. Kamala tells Kumudini that a man should value his wife when she is alive and not after her death and asks her not to go before Dwarika till he learns to value her. Sarada comes there and says if it is Ma Jagadhatri’s will, Kumudini and Dwarika will soon be united. The next day at Ma Jagadhatri’s puja, Jagadamba makes Dwarika offer a saree and jewellery in Kumudini’s name and pray for her. Ramchandra and Padma tell Jagadamba that they will never accept Kumudini as a bride of Janbazzar even if she is found.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, as Gadadhar prays to Ma Jagadhatri, Dwarika tells Gadadhar that he has been running from pillar to post in search of Kumudini and doesn’t even know if she is alive. Gadadhar blesses him and prays that his `Shakti’ returns soon and that he learns to give her the love and respect she deserves. He hopes that the goddess opens his eyes so that he can see her. When Dwarika looks confused and asks Gadadhar whom he is talking about, Gadadhar says that he hopes the Divine Mother brings his beloved before him. As Gadadhar goes to give ‘aavriti’ to everyone from the holy flame of the lamp used for the `arti’ Dwarika turns towards him and his eyes fall on a pair of feet that look very familiar. As he looks in the direction of the feet, Kumudini realizes he may have seen her and runs from there.

Dwarika chases her and calls out her name but Kumudini hides behind a tree and asks Ma Kali what she should do. She feels that there are many people at the temple and if she goes in front of him before them, Dwarika will again be humiliated in front of everyone.

She runs towards the Ganga ghat and thinks of killing herself. She feels she would rather die than let his honour be dragged down. She walks down the ghat steps towards the river to drown in the Ganga, but Sarada comes just then and stops her.

Sarada tells her that Ma Jagadhatri herself wants them to be united and tells her to go seek Dwarika’s forgiveness for leaving him. Kumudini then tells Sarada that Dwarika may accept her but the rest of the family members and society won’t accept a girl who was picked up by dacoits. She feels because of her, Dwarika’s reputation will be tarnished and she cannot bear that.

Kumudini falls at Sarada’s feet and asks Sarada to give her shelter for a few more days and then she will go away with some pilgrims to Kashi. Sarada tells her that she and Gadadhar have been praying day and night for her and the Divine Mother cannot be so heartless that she will not answer their prayers.

Sarada tells her not to go before Dwarika if she doesn’t want to. However, she adds that if they are a pair like Lord Shiv and Parvati and if they are meant to do something good for the world, then the Divine Mother will ensure that they come together. Sarada says she is going to pray before Ma Kali and ask her what she really wants.

After Sarada leaves, Dwarika comes to the ghat and calls out her name. Kumudini runs away from there the moment she hears his voice and when Dwarika reaches there, there is no one. However, he suddenly notices an anklet lying on the ghat steps and recognizes it. Dwarika realizes that Kumudini is alive and asks her to come before him. He then says that if she doesn’t come out, he will enter the turbulent waters of the Ganga as he sees no point in living without her. Kumudini hears this and stops in her tracks.

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