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Rani Rashmoni 16 September 2021 Written Update: Dwarika rescues Kumudini


September 22, 2021

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Dwarika takes Gadadhar’s permission and sets off to rescue Kumudini alone with Ma Kali’s puja flowers in his hand. As he walks through the jungle towards Beleghata where he believes Nagen is holding Kumudini captive, a storm breaks out and trees fall and block his path. Ma Kali comes in the guise of a tribal woman and shows him the way. He finds Kumudini who is surrounded by flames and rescues her.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Gadadhar’s prayers help Dwarika regain consciousness. Dwarika asks Raghob where Kumudini is and finds out that she has been held captive by Nagen Chowdhury in a secret place near Beleghata. Though the doctor tells Dwarika to rest, Dwarika feels it is his responsibility to rescue Kumudini as she is his wife. Gadadhar supports his decision and gives him Ma Kali’s blessed flowers to protect him. Meanwhile, as Kumudini struggles to untie herself and an oil lamp falls and sets fire to the warehouse where she is being held.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that when Gadadhar comes to meet Dwarika and asks him to rest, Dwarika says he can’t as his wife Kumudini is in Nagen’s captivity and he must rescue her. Gadadhar supports his decision.

Gadadhar tells Sarada that what she had wished for has happened and Dwarika has married Kumudini. However, he tells her that Kumudini is held captive in an unknown place by Nagen and hopes that Dwarika finds her. He tells her he must pray for them at the temple.

Dwarika leaves the house alone without telling anyone and on the way a storm breaks out. He keeps recalling what happened in Nagen’s house and how Kumudini fainted after he put vermillion on her head.

Trees start falling all over on account of the storm and Dwarika’s path is blocked. He wonders how he will move ahead and prays to Ma Kali asks her to help him.

Meanwhile, Sarada does not sleep and prays for Dwarika and Kumudini at her home. She also worries about Gadadhar as Dwarika took his permission and left alone to rescue Kumudini and everyone would blame him if anything untoward happened to Dwarika. Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali for Dwarika and Kumudini’s safety at the temple. In answer to Gadadhar, Sharada and Dwarika’s prayers, the temple bells start ringing.

Disguised as a tribal woman, Ma Kali appears before Dwarika and tells him to return home. But Dwarika says he can’t because he must rescue his wife. The tribal woman tells Dwarika that he cannot go by this path, and she will show him another way to reach Beleghata.

Dwarika reaches Kumudini who is surrounded by flames and rescues her. Kumudini asks him why he risked his life and asks him how he reached there. Dwarika unties her and asks her not to lose her senses and remain awake so that they can get out safely, but Kumudini faints.

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