Rani Rashmoni 15 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Maa Kali Answers Gadadhar’s Prayers

Gadadhar prays for Dwarika’s life. He tells Maa Kali that Dwarika risked his life to save people. Gadadhar says to Maa Kali that if she does not save him, no one will help anyone anymore.

In the previous episode we see that Dwarika enters Nagen Chowdhury’s house with a rifle in hand at the time of the `Sindur Daan’ ritual and snatches the vermillion container from Nagen. He then puts vermillion on Kumudini’s head.

In the latest episode we see that Nagen gets furious that Dwarika came to his marriage and married Kumudini who was to be his bride. Ramchandra and Padma feel Dwarika should not have married Kumudini, but Raghob supports Dwarika.

Nagen snatches Dwarika’s gun from him and captures him and Raghob with the help of his guards. Ramchandra tells him that killing Dwarika in one stroke is not enjoyable and instead he should get hold of his properties and make him bankrupt. Nagen hands over the gun to his trusted employee Hirod and goes away with Ramchandra.

However, when Dwarika tries to break free and starts attacking Nagen’s guards, Hirod hits him from behind with the rifle and Dwarika loses consciousness. Raghob then calls out to Ramchandra for help and says there has been a mishap. But instead of running to his aid, Ramchandra takes Padma with him and decides to leave the place.

After first taking Dwarika to a doctor who was not of much help, Raghob takes Dwarika to the temple and looks for Gadadhar. He believes only Gadadhar can perform a miracle and revive Dwarika. Gadadhar, who had been praying for Dwarika’s safety in the ‘Panchvati’, asks Maa Kali to revive Dwarika. Gadadhar tells Maa Kali that if she destroys a person who risks his life to save people, no one will help anyone anymore.

Eventually, Maa Kali answers Gadadhar’s prayers and a red hibiscus flower falls from the idol. Gadadhar is grateful to Maa Kali for answering his prayers.

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