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Rani Rashmoni 15 November, 2021 Written Update: Kumudini leaves a bowl of `bhog’ next to Dwarika

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November 16, 2021

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After meeting Dwarika and seeing how much he loves Kumudini, Rudreshwar realises that Nagen lied to him about Kumudini being abandoned by her husband. He decides not to help Nagen anymore. However, he doesn’t tell Dwarika that Nagen was the one who had brought Kumudini to him. Later, Dwarika goes to the temple and refuses to leave till he finds Kumudini. Sarada tells Kumudini about it and says they are destined to be together. She tells Kumudini to pray to Ma Jagadhatri who will take away all obstacles from their path. Dwarika waits for Gadadar to come out of the Kali mandir and asks his brothers to go home. Later, Kumudini sees him sitting on the ghat and gets him `bhog’ to eat. Dwarika is certain Kumudini got the `bhog’ for him and calls out to her as he eats the `bhog’.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Haran Thakur catches Hriday, Sarada and a girl with a veil over her head going towards the Ganga ghat. Hriday tells him it’s his uncle’s daughter Lokkhi but Haran Thakur wants to see her face. Gadadhar comes just in time and prevents him from seeing her face. He then takes Haran Thakur to Ma Kali’s temple. Haran Thakur plans to investigate if Kumudini is in the temple but hearing the ghostly sound of anklets runs home in fear. Ma Kali assures Gadadhar that Kummudini and Dwarika will be together when Dwarika learns to value her. Meanwhile, Dwarika finds out from Ganesh that Kumudini’s saree was found in the burning ghat near ‘tantrik’ Rudreshwar’s site and refusing to believe Kumudini is dead he rushes to Rudreshwar’s prayer site. Rudreshwar tells him Kumudini had come to him but left from there and he is not aware if she is alive or not. He tells Dwarika to pray to Ma Kali and says if it’s Ma Kali’s will, Dwarika will meet her.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, when Dwarika asks Rudreshwar who brought Kumudini to him, Rudreshwar doesn’t tell Dwarika that Nagen’s brought Kumudini to him as he feels it will upset Dwarika even further. Instead, he says some ‘sadaks’ saw her wandering in the jungle and brought her to him but she later left, and he doesn’t know her whereabouts. Dwarika leaves from there clutching on to Kumudini’s saree.

After Dwarika leaves, Rudreshwar’s follower Bhairavi tells Rudreshwar that Nagen had lied to them that Kumudini’s husband doesn’t care for her. Rudreshwar too realizes that it was a mistake to help Nagen. Rudreshwar decides he will not walk on the wrong path anymore. After Dwarika leaves, Ganesh, Raghob and Trilokya come looking for Dwarika and Kumudini. Bhairavi tells them that Dwarika and Kumudini did come to Rudreshwar but she doesn’t know where they are now.

Dwarika goes to the Kali temple and begs Ma Kali to forgive him and return Kumudini to him. Sarada sees him crying and goes and tells Kumudini about it.

Ganesh, Raghob and Trilokya ask Dwarika to return home with them but Dwarika says he will not return till he finds Kumudini. Dwarika tells them he needs to repent for what he has done. He feels if he had taken a firmer stand and stood by Kumudini, he would not have lost her.

Kumudini who watches him from afar keeps crying and asks Sarada what she should do. Sarada pacifies her and tells her that she and Dwarika will be reunited, and Ma Kali is only testing them. Sarada tells her to pray to Ma Jagadhatri who is the symbol of universal power and tells her that Ma Jagadhatri will remove all obstacles from her and Dwarika’s way. Kumudini decides to pray for Dwarika’s health to Ma Jagadhatri.

Meanwhile, Dwarika refuses to go home despite his brothers’ request. Dwarika tells Trilokya to respect Kumudini the same way that he respects him when Trilokya tries to malign her. When Dwarika sees Hriday, he asks him where he can find Gadadhar. Hriday tells him that Gadadhar has locked himself up in the Kali temple and is probably in deep meditation. Dwarika decides to wait for Gadadhar outside the Kali temple.

Later Dwarika goes and sits at the Ganga ghat and pines for Kumudini. Kumudini watches him from afar. Dwarika begs her to come before him just once so he knows that she is safe.

Kumudini realizes that Dwarika has probably not eaten anything and feels he will become weak if he remains hungry. She quietly puts an earthen bowl containing `prasad’ near him and leaves.

When Dwarika sees the bowl, he wonders who could have given him the food. He thinks of his mother, his aunt, and his sisters-in-law but feels it could not have been any of them. He then thinks of Kumudini. He feels certain that she gave him the food and starts eating it. He calls out to Kumudini but Kumudini doesn’t come before him.

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