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Rani Rashmoni 1 December, 2021 Written Update: The ‘Mangal Ghat’ falls and breaks

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December 7, 2021

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When Hriday goes to give the `Mangal Ghat’ or holy pot to be used for the `bhit’ puja to Dwarika, it falls and breaks. Dwarika is surprised how if fell even though he had held the pot. Gadadhar feels this is ominous and goes to the temple to pray. Jagadamba gets worried but Dwarika says he will go ahead with the `bhit’ puja. Dwarika tells her that since Gadadhar will be doing the puja, he will deal with any untoward incident that happens during the puja.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Ramchandra doesn’t want Mathur’s death anniversary to be celebrated in a big way and doesn’t want the poor to be fed. Gadadhar is upset that the ‘Kangali Bhojan’ for the poor won’t take place and approaches Jagadamba and Dwarika. They assure him that the ‘Kangali Bhojan’ will take place as usual. The next day when the poor are being fed, Kumudini joins Dwarika in serving food. Ramchandra isn’t happy when people sing Jagadamba and Dwarika’s praises after the meal and feels once the Annapurna temple comes up, Jagadamba will be compared to Rani. However, Ganesh supports Dwarika. Later, Gadadhar tells them that the ‘Bhit puja’ can be done after one day.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Gadadhar asks Hriday to organize everything for the ‘Bhit puja’ of the new Annapurna temple. Sarada comes with the `Mangal Ghat’ to be used for the puja which she herself painted. Gadadhar is very impressed and says Mathur would have acknowledged her talent had he been alive.

Soon, Jagadamba and Dwarika come to the temple and Gadadhar asks Hriday to give Dwarika the `Mangal Ghat’. However, while handing the holy pot to Dwarika, it falls and breaks. Hriday feels very guilty but Dwarika says he had held the pot, but it slipped and fell. Dwarika asks Gadadhar how it happened and what it portends. Gadadhar tells them not to worry and he will pray to Ma Kali to ensure that nothing untoward happens. He then goes into the Kali temple, closes the door and starts meditating.

Jagadamba feels it’s a bad omen but Dwarika tells his mother not to worry and the puja will take place just as planned. He tells her that Gadadhar will be there to do the puja, and nothing will go wrong. He says it was his father’s last wish to build the temple and he will ensure that the temple is built.

As Gadadhar prays in the Kali temple, the arrangements for the puja are made at the chosen site. Ganesh gets the Gangajal for the puja while Jagadamba gets the Mangal Ghat. Dwarika asks Jagadamba if Padma will come and Jagadamba says she will not be coming. However, Jagadamba is happy to hear that everyone else has come for the puja. Jagadamba then places the Mangal Ghat on the foundation stone or ‘bhit’ at the temple site.

Everyone waits for Gadadhar to come and begin the puja. However, the horse cart sent to fetch Gadadhar returns empty as Gadadhar didn’t open the door of the Kali temple and was in deep meditation. Trilokya and Ramchandra suggest that Haran Thakur should be called, but Dwarika insists on waiting for Gadadhar.

When Kumudini calls Dwarika aside, Ramchandra calls her impudent and says despite elders being present, she is calling her husband aside to express her opinion. Jagadamba says there is no harm in listening to everyone and Kumudini, Annada and Kamala may have some useful suggestions. She tells Dwarika to go and speak with her. Kumudini tells him to wait for Gadadhar as in he is the only one who can handle things in case something ominous happens.

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