Rajat Bedi’s Accident Case Update: Koi Mil Gaya Actor’s Manager Confirms, ‘He Took Victim To Hospital And Informed The Police Too’

Koi Mil Gaya actor Rajat Bedi’s manager, in his latest interview revealed that the actor wasn’t driving rashly


September 7, 2021


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Recently, it was reported that the Koi Mil Gaya actor Rajat Bedi allegedly hit a person with his car. An FIR was filed against the actor for the incident. However, the matter is currently being investigated by the authorities. No decision has been passed against the actor but, Rajat Bedi’s manager Sridevi Shetty informed the authorities in detail about the matter.

ANI recently Tweeted, “The actor brought the injured to Cooper hospital, where he (actor) told he had hit the victim with his car. Victim admitted to hospital: DN Nagar police.”

In his latest interview with Pinkvilla, Rajat Bedi’s manager said, “The guy was drunk, and suddenly came from somewhere. Rajat wasn’t driving rashly. He immediately took him to Cooper Hospital and got his treatment done. Yesterday night they were not getting blood, so Rajat arranged for that too, and was in the hospital till 12: 30 – 1. Rajat’s friend is in the hospital now who is taking care of the medication and the treatment. He had himself informed the police too.”

As Mid-Day reported, Milind Kurde – a senior Inspector at D N Nagar police station, had informed that an FIR has been registered against Bedi under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Motor Vehicles Act. When questioned Sridevi about the FIR, she said, “I am not aware of that yet. We’ll do everything necessary.”

The doctor treating the victim Rajesh Ramsingh Doot reported to Mid-Day, saying that, “His condition is too critical, as he sustained head injuries. He is in the ICU and on oxygen support. He urgently needs blood.”

However, present whereabouts of Rajat Bedi remain unknow, the D N Nagar police station continues to investigate the matter.

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