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R Madhavan’s Obsession With Hot Selfies Are Undoubtedly Breaking The Internet


September 23, 2021

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R Madhavan has time and again shared some of his hottest selfies on social media. He has sort of become the king of selfies. Here is a collection of his selfies

It is not uncommon for Bollywood celebrities to post photos and selfies on social media. They have been doing so since the past many many years. However, there is one person who is popular in taking selfies of himself and he is none other than Ranganathan Madhavan or as we call him R Madhavan or even simply Madhavan or by his nick name Maddy.

He tries to break the internet by sharing a completely different look of his own everytime. The pictures that Madhavan shares keep going insanely viral all over social media his pictures and selfies on social media keep people hooked on. They cannot stop commenting on the photos. While some call him their childhood crush, while there are some who call and tell him that they were feeling low and then after seeing his selfie they got the energy and power to pass through the day. He ensures that he, time and again reverts back to some of these tweets and messages that he gets from his fans.

Without a doubt he is by far one of the most handsome South Indian actors that we have. So, without further ado, here are some of the most hottest selfies of Madhavan. Check it out right here:

Doesn’t he look absolutely lip-smackingly hot?

Madhavan is currently busy with the shoot of his upcoming project. He has some of the biggest releases in the pipeline waiting for just the pandemic and the lockdown on the theatres to get over, before he can go ahead to release the films on theatres. He will soon be coming on the big screen. He even has his directorial Rocketry waiting since quite sometime for a release date. He doesn’t want to release it on OTT yet, and will be waiting for the theatres to open properly before releasing the film in the theatres.

Coming back to his photos, which of these selfies is your most favourite hot picture of Madhavan? Share your comments with us in the section below.

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