Qurbaan Hua 09 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Chahat is shocked on reading the report

Will the report prove Neel innocent? To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


September 8, 2021

Qurbaan hua

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In the previous episode, Naveli and Bhupender apprise Chahat of everything and she rushes to see Vyasji. Aalekh stops her from seeing him for the last time. However, when she sees Vyasji’s hand twitch, she bites Aalekh and listens to his heartbeat. She announces that he is alive and performs surgery to extract the bullet, while Shlok and Dua pray for Vyasji’s wellbeing. However, much to Chahat’s dismay, Vyasji goes into a coma. Later, she slaps Aalekh for wanting Vyasji dead and holds him responsible for his condition. When she accuses him of killing Vyasji, Naveli explains that he was with them when they heard the gunshot. Later, Chahat goes through the CCTV footage but only sees a man in a trench coat entering the house. She learns from Bhupender that the knife with which Zain was murdered is with the police and decides to go to the police station to acquire it somehow. At the police station, Chahat informs Neel about Vyasji’s condition. With Shlok and Dua’s help, she manages to get into the evidence room and finds the knife.

In the latest episode, Chahat asks Alka what took her so long to get the report. Alka reveals that she saw Aalekh speaking to a lab technician and feared that he is altering the report. Hence, she went to get it herself. Chahat is left aghast upon reading the results of the report.

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