Qurbaan Hua 02 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Neel decides to expose Zain in front of Chahat

Neel decides to expose Zain in front of Chahat. Will he succeed? To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode, Vyasji sees that Neel is going somewhere and questions him. To his enquiry, Neel ardently declares that he is ready to do anything to heal Chahat’s face which got burnt. He also states his intention to bring the ‘Prayag Pushp’ for Chahat as it is known to heal burns. When Chahat sees Neel leaving the house, she gets curious and decides to follow him. On seeing Neel climbing the tree without a care to fetch the flower, Chahat gets emotional. Meanwhile, Neel successfully manages to procure the flower and returns home. Later, Vyasji makes a paste from the ‘Prayag Pushp’ and Neel takes it to Chahat and asks her to apply it on her burns. When Gazala dissuades Chahat from doing so and tries to mislead her about Veer, Veer shouts at her and once again insists that Chahat apply the paste. When Chahat reveals that her wounds are fake and she did it only to test Zain, Neel reveals that he loves her. However, with his new ploy, Zain once again manages to win Chahat’s trust and Chahat’s mehendi ceremony begins.

In the latest episode, Neel learns that Zain is the one posing as Dr Baig and calling Chahat. With some help, he sets out to bring the truth in front of Chahat. When Neel sees a car leaving the house, he assumes that Zain is fleeing. He immediately intercepts the car and peeks into the window. However, Neel is rendered shocked on seeing who is inside the car.

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