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Prema Entha Madhuram 25 November 2023 Written Update: Jalandhar kidnaps Akanksha

Niyantha Palivela

December 6, 2023

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Jalandhar informs Chhaya Devi about kidnapping Akanksha. While Arya starts a secret operation to find Akanksha, Jalandhar’s goon blackmails Suguna to sign the property documents.

In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Usha tells Anu about Arya’s story being published in the magazine and winning a prize. On learning that Abhay will be shooting at Arya in the skit, Jalandhar ensures that Abhay uses a real gun.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, though Arya saves Abhay, Jalandhar manages to kidnap Akanksha. Jalandhar informs Chhaya Devi about the success of his plan, much to her delight. He then asks her to threaten Suguna to sign the property papers. Mansi warns Jalandhar against underestimating Arya’s potential and asks him to ensure that he hides Akanksha in a remote place.

Arya calls Jende and tells him that he will be tracing Akanksha through the GPS tracker in her watch. He also asks Jende to take the commissioner’s help and begin a secret operation to search for Akanksha. Suguna and Usha assure an inconsolable Anu that Arya will find Akanksha and bring her home. Akanksha’s cries irritate Jalandhar, and he threatens her. Suguna and Usha convince a crying Abhay that Akanksha will be safe.

Anu calls Chhaya Devi and confronts her for kidnapping Akanksha. However, Chhaya Devi and Mansi take advantage of Anu’s helplessness and mock her. Later, Jalandhar’s goon throws a box inside Suguna’s house containing an artificial broken hand, leaving Anu panic-stricken. He blackmails Suguna to sign the property documents. Suguna decides to do so, but Divya and Anu disapprove of it.


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