Pookalam Varavayi March 27 Written Update: Parvathy confronts Samyuktha

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March 26, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Harshan teaches Abhimanyu a lesson. Later, Harshan and Abhimanyu spot Saptathi at night and get worried. Abhimanyu scolds Samyuktha when she demands to eat ‘Masala Dosa’.

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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Saudamini tries to poison Saptathi’s mind. Saptathi decides to teach her a lesson. She tells Saudamini that her eyes are yellow and she may or may not have jaundice. Later, Saptathi summons Samyuktha and tells her that Saudamini has jaundice. Samyuktha agrees with Saptathi. Both the sisters scare Saudamini and tell her that the disease may spread. So they ask her to maintain distance from the family. Saudamini is heartbroken after hearing about her disease. Saudamini walks around the house meeting everyone and confirming if she has the disease or not. 

Saudamini meets Abhimanyu and asks him if her eyes have a yellow tint. Abhimanyu is unable to find anything wrong with her, but to not go against Samyuktha’s word he decides to agree with Samyuktha about the disease. Sharmila approaches them when everyone tells Saudamini that she has jaundice and asks about the ruckus. Abhimanyu Sharmila that Saudamini has jaundice. Saudamini faints before Sharmila. Sharmila gets worried about Saudamini’s health. Later, Abhimanyu makes a potrait of Samyuktha on his laptop, but he forgets to shut the laptop. Samyuktha spots the portrait when Abhimanyu dozes off. Samyuktha is overjoyed. Saudamini tells Parvathy that Samyuktha is ill and she is looking for Parvathy. Parvathy and Yatheendran meet Samyuktha and ask her about her health. Parvathy tells Samyuktha that she is fine. Parvathy notices that Samyuktha sleeps on the floor. The next day, Parvathy confronts Samyuktha.


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