Pookalam Varavayi 1 September 2021 Written Update: Anamika steps out with Abhimanyu

Saptathi expresses her displeasure about Abhimanyu and Anamika’s closeness to Parvathy.

In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Sharmila shares her fear about the anonymous calls with Saudamini. Harshan’s attempt to incite Saptathi fails. Later, Anamika gives Sharmila the money she requests for.

In the next episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Saudamini calls the blackmailer and informs him that the money is ready. The blackmailer gives her an address and asks her to meet him at the spot. Sharmila agrees. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu stops Sharmila and asks her where she is off to. Sharmila lies to Abhimanyu and somehow escapes. Saudamini follows Sharmila and enquires about where she is off to. Sharmila tells Saudamini to stay back and not follow her but Saudamini follows Sharmila. On her way, she spots the ‘Swamiji’ and talks to him.

The Swamiji tells Saudamini that she will be shot dead on the very same day. Saudamini believes the fake Swamiji’s words and returns back home. Anamika meets Abhimanyu and requests him to take her shopping. Abhimanyu declines her request. Later, Anamika makes him agree to her demand. Saptathi approaches Parvathy and tells her that Anamika’s stay at the house is not the right decision made by Sharmila. Parvathy argues with Saptathi telling her that Anamika is a good person. Meanwhile, Anamika bids goodbye to Parvathy and leaves with Abhimanyu. Saptathi expresses her displeasure about Abhimanyu and Anamika’s closeness. Later, Saudamini spots Abhimanyu and Anamika together on her way back to Kalapurackal. Saudamini tries to poison Parvathy’s mind. Saptathi vents out her anger at Harshan.

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