Planning a startup and need inspiration, here is why you should watch TVF Pitchers

For sheer inspiration and some fun giving the real-life feels, is the reason why you should watch TVF Pitchers


September 13, 2021

Web Series

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Want to be part of the StartUp India dream? Then turn the clock a tad back to the 2015 web series TVF Pitchers created by The Viral Fever (TVF). Ranked number 24 in IMDb’s Top 250 TV series list, TVF Pitchers is a tale of four reel pals who quit their jobs and ventured to set up their own start-up.

The five episodes of this series – Tu Beer Hai, And Then There Were Four, The Jury Room, Bulb Jalega Boss, and Where Magic Happens – that attained cult status over a period of time have each crossed over a million views on YouTube. Fans of this web series do not need a reason to watch this.

The relatability

For starters, the relatable content of the four protagonists – Naveen Kasturia, Jitendra Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, and Abhay Mahajan comes as a fresh viewing experience. Its release that coincided as it did with the start-up culture in India, speaks about entrepreneurship, which is still gaining a foothold.

Glory of struggle

One gets to see shades of the struggles of Farhan Qureshi in Three Idiots, in how Jitu, one of the protagonists wants to quit his high-paying job to follow his passion. The plain reflection of reality comes across as an anti-thesis to otherwise gaudy Indian TV series.

A unique concept

Script has been its unique USP of Pitchers and one can relate to the situations that these characters faced. The true-to-life acting by Naveen, Yogi, Mandal, and Jitu and the equal importance that the other characters have received in the five episodes make Pitchers a must-watch.

Impactful dialogues

The irony-laden dialogues by Biswapati Sarkar bring home the harsh reality that Indian youths face as they chase their life dreams. A piece of groovy music, humour that oozes intellect and that gives one some hard-hitting lessons in life including the one that tells that the boundaries one set for self in life is our own creation is what we learn most likely in a workshop for entrepreneurs.

The transformation of Naveen from being guided by his mentor to becoming a mentor himself gives one the valuable lesson that life is indeed a circle. So if you haven’t watch TVF Pitchers, then do so now.

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