Phulpakhru Shows Us 3 Stages Of Relationship Which Everyone Goes Through!

We get a close glimpse at the difference in Sameer-Tanya, Manas-Vaidehi and Supu-Atya’s relationship in Phulpakhru.

Manjiri Shete

September 17, 2020


3 min


Time and again, the Marathi serial Phulpakhru has never failed to amaze us with its creativity. Contradicting to the strong notion that relationships are supposed to be hunky-dory, Phulpakhru didn’t hesitate in showing us the ugly side of it. Currently, in the serial, we see three relationships in different stages in life. As Sameer and Tanya are just starting out and understanding each other, Supu and Atya have already gained that experience which the former is now gaining. While Manas and Vaidehi are somewhere in between the two. On that note, let’s have a look at the three relationships which teach something new every day.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. Sameer and Tanya’s relationship

It won’t be wrong to say, their relationship is still in its infancy. They are adjusting to each other’s personality traits while slowly reaching the point where Manas and Vaidehi are. Both of them are still enjoying their freedom and figuring life out. Sameer and Tanya remind of us sweet college relationships when two youngsters fall in love for the first time.

2. Manas and Vaidehi’s bond

At a slightly higher level than Sameer and Tanya’s relationship is Manas and Vaidehi’s. They have graduated from being college sweethearts to soulmates for a lifetime. Now, tied in the marital bond, we don’t see them giving up on each other come what may. After having Mahi, they crossed a new milestone together and matured together. We see both the parties prioritising spending time with family over everything else.

3. Atya and Supu’s companionship

The maturity hidden in Atya and Supu’s relationship was subtly seen through their conversations with each other. You could thank their life experiences and heartbreaks which have taught them more than those four walls of the college. Through the good and the bad instances, they both have learnt to take nothing for granted. More than just falling in love, they prize the importance of friendship.

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