Phulpakhru 5 October 2019 Written Update: Mugdha’s Resignation Shocks Sameer

In tonight’s episode, Mughdha comes to Revati and hands over her resignation saying she cannot work at a place where innocent people are blamed.

Ashutosh Oak

October 5, 2019


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In the previous episode of PhulpakhruTanya requests Sameer to trust Manas and support him instead of supporting Revati. Atya asks Vaidehi and Manas to come to Guruji’s office as she has taken an appointment from him. The Guruji tells Atya that Manas has to be very careful for the next six to eight months because his stars aren’t in his favour. He also tells Manas to stay calm and control his ego.

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In tonight’s episode, Manas tells Vaidehi about all the incidents that happened on the day of the meeting. Vaidehi then asks him why did they take so much time to reach there while there was no traffic at all. Manas says that they took a halt on their way because Revati wanted to withdraw cash from the ATM. Next morning, Vaidehi asks Manas to take her to the same ATM.

Meanwhile, Sameer comes early to RBK and tells Revati that he is feeling guilty for doubting his own friend. Seeing this, Revati brings her sleeping pills and emotionally blackmails him that if he leaves her alone that she will commit suicide. Supu takes Tanya to her favourite snack spot but he then learns that Kusum Atya is alone at home and she is worried about Manas.

Later that day, before the meeting starts, Mugdha comes to Revati and gives her an envelope. Revati gets shocked to see that Mugdha has resigned. She says that she cannot work in an environment where a good person like Manas is blamed for molesting a lady. Sameer and other colleagues get shocked to see Mugdha’s bold decision. On the other hand, Vaidehi calls someone and instructs that person to get information.

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