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Paurashpur: 7 Reasons Why Shilpa Shinde’s Meerawati Was So Quiet Towards The Plight Of Other Women On The Show

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January 12, 2021

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Shilpa Shinde plays the role of the Queen Meerawati in Pauruushpur. She is powerful, yet awfully quiet for most parts when it comes to her husbands misdeeds. Why does she stay silent?

In her latest web series, ‘Paurashpur’, Shilpa Shinde plays the role of Queen Meerawati. She is given the title of ‘pat rani’ in the patriarchal kingdom of Paurushpur. Married to the old, yet deviously carnal Maharaja Bhadrapratap, she is bound to the palace and his demands at all times. As the series progresses, viewers realize just how drenched in patriarchy the kingdom is and this is all Bhadrapratap’s doing. How does Meerawati snatch Paurashpur out of the clutches of this evil king? She does this by first giving him what he wants, queens and then, she takes them all away.

Meerawati uses five queens to begin her grand plan. In the way, she not only makes them go through extremely horrendous things in the palace, but also stays very languid about their anguish. Why does she do so?

Meerawati is an extremely patient and calculated character

She does not speak haphazardly and out of turn. She is very cautious and is always listening more than speaking. While she would have felt agony over her actions, but she chooses to remain silent to execute her plan to perfection.

The greater good theory

The theory that small setbacks and sacrifices are worth it if the outcome is big enough. Meerawati might think the same way. Surely, the queens did go through torture at the palace, but those are small setbacks when compared to the bigger goal here – the dethronement of the king.

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A matter of pride

When it comes to Kala, the dasi who dared to fall in love with the Yuvraj Ranveer, Meerawati could not possibly have the best intentions. Sure, it does work out well for Kala when she realizes that the Yuvraj never truly loved her, but what if it wasn’t the case? Then Meerawati’s ploy for Kala would not have looked positive. She is the queen and the mother of the Yuvraj. His future wife needs to be from a respected family and not a servant girl!

She must obey the king’s wishes

In Paurushpur, the woman is expected to be devoted to her husband’s health and needs. Meerawati’s dedication to this is the only reason she is still in the palace. While she wants to hold onto that power and not get any more women into this mess, she is left with no choice as it is the king’s wishes that he gets a new wife every so often.

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She could be killed off

She is the queen of Paurushpur, no one contests that but if she does raise her voice against the king, she could face the death penalty in front of her peers and subjects. We have seen this happen to a couple of women during the course of the show. When Meerawati is finally caught, she is almost burned alive.

She knows that the queens will ultimately be safe

She hatches a plan with Boris and convinces him to not just fight a rebellion but also keep the queens safe and happy at his place. The queens do find more freedom than they ever did and are grateful for what Meerawati has done for them.

She has immense future support

By keeping the women safe and telling Boris that she wants to take part in his revenge against Bhadrapratap, she secures their support in the future. After the dethronement, all eyes will be on her and those whom she has helped will be in her favour.

To know more about Meerawati and her grand scheme, watch Paurushpur on ZEE5. 

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