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Paaru: This Is How The Arasanakote Family Takes Care Of Each Other In Adi’s Absence


October 13, 2020

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This week’s episode of Paaru is all about family and support!

Last week in Paaru, the only employee who is aware of the fact that Paaru’s eyes have been used in the logo of their company, comes to the village while hiding in their car just to tell Adi the truth. As he knows that Adi has been searching for that girl and is in love with her, he follows them so that he can tell Adi that they have used Paaru’s eyes for the logo. However, he is dehydrated and does not have any more energy to follow them into the forest. Anushka, on the other hand, has reached Thaatha’s house to ask him about Paaru and Adi. However, he doesn’t reveal anything as the employee tells him not to tell them anything at all.

This week, Akhila calls Paaru to ask her about Adi who is currently unconscious. As she does not want Akhila to get more worried than she already is, she tells her that Adi is busy with some work but is perfectly fine and that there is no reason to be worried. Akhila is worried when she hears the same and tells them to come back as soon as they finish the work. Paaru, then, brings Adi back and they begin his treatment so that he can recover by the next day. Thaatha also tells Paary that a man named Harish had come to ask him Adi’s whereabouts and even warned him not to give out any information. Following that, a woman named Pavitra, who is actually Anushka, also came asking for Adi. Paaru wonders who Pavitra is while feeling the need to find out more about the same. However, she feels extremely worried about Adi and stays up all night to take care of him.

Paaru and Thaatha

Preethu, on the other hand, talks to Akhila who is still tense about Adi. He tells her that she mustn’t worry and should be strong as she is all their pillar of strength. He gives her water and tells her to take care of herself instead of worrying so much. Preethu goes back to his room and tells Janani about how worried Akhila is and how helpless he feels about the same. Janani tells him not to worry about anything as she will go talk to Akhila. She, then, goes to Akhila’s room to tell her that she must eat her meals on time. She also mentions that Akhila is no less than a mother to her and she can always talk to her. They have an emotional moment.

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