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From Naxalbari’s Rajeev Khandelwal To Dark 7 White’s Jatin Sarna, How Cops And Moustaches Are A Hot Blend!

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January 1, 2021

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When style meets the essence of the story, the characters leave out a lasting impression on the viewers. Here’s taking a look at our macho on-screen cops and their chemistry with their appearance.

After the actors’ performances and dialogues, it is their appearance based on which the show continues to go on. When the characters are required to essay their manly style, many opt for the moustache which can be easily lined as classy or either redefined as creepy. These seemingly mere elements of a character’s appearance, many times turn out to be memorable ones for the viewers.

And you would agree on the fact that there’s something very magical about a well-defined moustache in a movie/TV show, agreed? In a way, It briefs you with traits about the character and makes you believe more about him than only his dialogue or performance will allow. And most importantly when it comes to some vital characters like cops, agents, military, etc there needs to be an accurate on-screen representation. And getting it on point is quite a task.

Here’s taking a look at how our favourite on-screen cops and their dapper moustaches are a hot blend and give their character the final touch they need.

Rajeev Khandelwal as Raghav (Naxalbari)

A still from Naxalbari
Source: Zee5

Raghav (Rajeev Khandelwal) as an STF agent is quite dedicated to his job and plays a pivotal character in the show. And a man on a mission who carries a serious look on his face all the time, it was very important that his appearance justified his story. A well-built man carrying tons of responsibilities over his shoulders was sporting an extremely cool moustache which ultimately made him a composed yet super cool cop.

Kunal Khemu as Abhay Pratap Singh (Abhay 2)

A still from Abhay 2
Source: Zee5

Abhay, the sharpest and skilful man on duty turned out to be one of the finest characters in the OTT world. Apart from Kunal Kemmu’s performance, his style and look matched up to the Abhay 2’s storyline. A transformative character whose moustache deserves to be held high in regard. His appearance makes him an accurate portrait of a police officer who’s on a battle against the wrong.

Ranvir Shorey as Siddharth Pandey (Rangbaaz)

A still from Rangbaaz
Source: Zee5

Ranvir Shorey as an IPS officer played a prominent lead in Rangbaaz which was inspired by true events. The character essayed by Shorey was emotionally strong and had different shades bounding to his past. The character with a bald look invokes the image of a powerful moustache ultimately representing his other side where he’s ready to fight against the system all alone.

Jatin Sarna as ACP Abhimanyu (Dark 7 White)

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

ACP Abhimanyu turned out to be a surprising character in Dark 7 White and we-all-know-why. He is a simple yet cunning member of the force who deep down hides all the secrets. And Jatin Sarna’s performance and appearance as Abhimanyu does justice to this mysterious character especially his moustache which was equally powerful to that of his performance.

Zeeshan Qadri as Nikunj Tiwari (Bichhoo Ka Khel)

A still from Bichhoo Ka Khel
Source: Zee5

While Divyendu Sharma stole the show in Bichhoo Ka Khel, it was Zeeshan Qadri’s character of a UP based cop that gave him tough competition on-screen. His on-screen persona was a blend of strong yet cunning character and an add-on to his personality was the typical-yet-classy moustache that made him ‘the other’ tough guy of the story.

Angad Bedi as Bhasker Shetty (MumBhai)

A still from Mum Bhai
Source: Zee5

Bhasker Shetty essayed by Angad Bedi is a top-notch character for a cop. More like a grey character, he is a fearless cop who also has mysterious plans to rule the city with his power. And his simple and thick moustache sets him in a class of an indifferent cop altogether.

Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Pankaj Mishra (Black Widows)

A still from Black Widows
Source: Zee5

There’s no cop as sweet and clever as Pankaj Mishra from Black Widows. A simple man who happens to be a genius in the investigation field. We adore him for his sweet and short conversations with his mom which proves the innocence in his character. And just like his character, his simple moustache blends perfectly with his image.

Namit Das as Nitin (Mafia)

A still from Mafia
Source: Zee5

Namit Das essayed a Dalit cop in Mafia and his character portrayed him as a saviour for everyone seeking justice. Being aware of the misconceptions in the police force, he tries to tackle all the hardships and stands firmly with the people. And just as his character, his moustache stands firmly adding a touch of style to his persona.

These characters and their portrayal will remain forever in our minds compiled with their performances and their dapper look.

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