Naxalbari: A Politically Driven Plot Which Stands Out On Realism & Its Lessons On Political Perceptions

Essaying a story that is crafted with reality, Naxalbari also stands strong on highlighting important lessons of political perceptions.

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December 30, 2020

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Rajeev Khandelwal starrer Naxalbari grabs your attention on a prior note because of its title which itself gives you a clear idea of what the show revolves around. It is a narrative that is essayed from a different point of view. On one side, there are cops who play the savior while on the other side we have Naxalites as the villains, and the conflict couldn’t get any wider. Right from the beginning, the storyline is put across in a straightforward way. 

The best part is that it never talks subtly about its central theme which makes it true to its subject. The brave attempt to call off the wrong ones, be it the Naxalites or the ones benefiting from the flawed system, makes it more honest yet surreal for most of us who aren’t well aware of this major subject. Standing out on realism, Naxalbari strongly points out some important lessons on our political perceptions.

Many Faces of Politics

The idea of politics varies from person to person which means each person follows a different ideology. The beliefs are different and so are the opinions which we clearly notice in the different perspectives shown to us through the plot of Naxalbari. There are MNCs who tend to use the flaws of the system for their own benefit indirectly, having a full-fledged hold on the authorities no matter whose government it is. Then we view the story from the perspective of Naxalites who are backfiring with violence. Next, we have the cops (the force) who deal with the tragedies of their personal life while battling on the field.

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Demons of Inequality and Phobia

Naxalbari’s powerful comment of all is the way it portrays the phobia over the long-running caste system prevailing in the country. The wrong ones do not belong to any specific religion or group. There’s a scene where two cops belonging to different castes share a rivalry despite the fact that they are working together. And an important subplot ends this rivalry where we see these characters merging into different groups altogether when their life is at stake. The climax of the show leaves a greater impact on the viewers washing away all the stereotypes.

The Choices We Make

Our life completely shapes based on the choices we make. There’s an unexpected twist more like a last-minute revelation where the whole puzzle of the story is near to be solved. Well, not giving out the spoilers but talking about it, there comes an important change in one of the central characters of the show which leaves us questioning the motive behind this. And ultimately, it comes to a conclusion where it is based on the choices we make to shape our perception towards society or the ones ruling us.

If you haven’t watched Naxalbari then it should definitely be on your watchlist!

Naxalbari is now streaming on Zee5.


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