Naxalbari: 7 Reasons Why We Hate Aamir Ali’s Character And Therefore Love The Actor In Him

We’re most impressed by Aamir Ali’s Amber Keswani. Here are 7 reasons why his character was so convincingly good.

Isha Khatu

December 30, 2020

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The Zee5 original series Naxalbari has already received a lot of positive response from the audience as well as the critics. The plot revolves around STF Raghav played by Rajeev Khandelwal who goes on a mission to curtail the red uprising taking place because of the Naxalites in Gadchiroli. In this process, he suffers a lot of loss and has to fight his inner demons. The Naxalbari cast features Rajeev Khandelwal, Tina Datta, Satyadeep Misra, Shakti Anand, Sreejita De and Aamir Ali. All the characters have managed to portray their roles well. However, we’re most impressed by Aamir Ali’s Amber Keswani. Here are 7 reasons why Amber Keswani’s character played by Aamir Ali was so convincing.

He played a stubborn businessman

Aamir Ali made a comeback and made his digital debut with Naxalbari. Aamir has often played chocolate boy characters or the role of protagonists. This was the first time ever that he played the role of a stubborn businessman. He is shown as the director of FICA, the mining company which wants to take over the land of the Adivasis. Aamir Ali has played Amber in such a convincing way that the audience hated him.

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His good looks and grin made us want to crush on him yet hate him at the same time

Aamir Ali made the role of Keswani even better with his sexy grin. He was often shown grinning after a successful plan and let’s not deny, he looked charming even with his cunning looks. Amber’s well-trimmed beard and glasses made him look extremely handsome even though we hate the character.

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He had a lot of goals and ambitions for FICA

FICA was Amber Keswani’s mining company. He had a lot of plans for the company and did not hesitate to take some of the most difficult decisions. He took the help of the common people to build his factory saying that he was doing this for the development of the country. Aamir has managed to play an ambitious and selfish character so well that no one would have expected the end.

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Aamir Ali’s character always had weird responses for media 

Aamir Ali‘s Amber often avoided the questions from media. This annoyed us even more as he was often one of the culprits of all the bomb blasts and attacks. He often acted liked he was unaware of what was happening when the media asked him any questions. However, in the press conference arranged by him, he spoke about FICA proudly but not about any of the incidents that took place because of the Gadchiroli forest.

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Amber Keswani didn’t care how many lives were lost

Amber Keswani was so involved in his world of FICA that he did not care how many people were dying because of his decisions. His plans killed many police officers, the Naxalites and a lot of common villagers. This made us hate the character even more as we thought that he was very inhuman in nature.

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He took steps that ruined Raghav’s plans

Amber Keswani was involved with the Raksha Dal in the area who believed that all the Naxalites should be removed from Gadchiroli. He made those goons kidnap Shreejita De’s character from the police station by killing a lot of policemen. STF Raghav had arrested her so she could reveal all their plans. However, since he got her kidnapped, Raghav’s major evidence was lost.

He was so convincing that we didn’t realise who he really was (Spoiler alert)

The end of the series is extremely shocking and unexpected. Nobody would have even thought who Amber Keswani exactly was. All this while, with his outstanding performance as Amber, he created an image in our minds about him which he wiped in the end. In the entire series of Naxalbari, he was taking those steps as a means of revenge without anyone being suspicious.

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