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Naxalbari: 6 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Out For Tinaa Dattaa In This Much-Awaited ZEE5 Original

Tanvi Dhote

November 12, 2020

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Tinaa Dattaa is gearing up for her digital debut with ZEE5’s upcoming web series, Naxalbari. So here are six reasons we are excited to see this renowned daily soap star in a brand new avatar.

Tinaa Datta was first introduced to the Indian audience through her television show, Uttaran as she portrayed the adult version of the popular daily soap’s character Iccha. The show’s popularity catapulted her to new heights. Now, Tinaa Dattaa is ready to mark her debut on in the OTT world with ZEE5’s upcoming web series, Naxalbari. So here are five reasons why we are excited to see Tinaa Dattaa entertaining us once again in a brand new avatar.

Watch the Naxalbari teaser below:

Tinaa Dattaa’s in Uttaran

As mentioned earlier, Tinaa Dattaa gained wide popularity through her show Colors TV show Uttaran. On this daily soap, she portrayed the role of Iccha. After the show featured a time jump, Dattaa also bagged the role of Ichha’s daughter Meethi. This cemented her as a pivotal cast member on the show. Thus helping her carve a place in the audience’s mind.

Tinaa’s meticulous selection

After her show Uttaran went off-air, Tinaa Dattaa has been selective with her projects. Since Uttaran, she only appeared in one daily soap, titled Daayan and was also a contestant on Khatron Ke Khiladi. Hence, Tinaa Dattaa’s presence in Naxalbari is proof enough that she sees potential in the project.

Tinaa Dattaa’s new avatar

Naxalbari is ready to showcase a new avatar of Tinaa Datta. The Naxalbari trailer itself provides a subtle glimpse of her role. Hence the Dattaa’s role is under wraps and hence has maintained the mystery element. Apart from maintaining the mystery around her role, Tinnaa is also seen in a never before seen avatar in this upcoming web series.

Tinaa’s fierce role in Daayan

As mentioned earlier, after her lead role in Daayan, Tinaa bagged a second lead role in &TV’s daily soap Daayan. On the show, Tinaa portrayed the fierce role of a woman named Janvi, who is ready to bend backwards to defeat a Daayan. This fierce role on the show might also be similar to her role in Naxalbari. Since this new ZEE5 web series revolves around the naxal uprising in Gadchiroli and promises some high-voltage drama, action, and thrill.

Tinaa’s talented co-stars

Tinaa Dattaa is starring alongside many seasoned actors in Naxalbari. Actor Rajeev Khandelwal is male lead and is playing the role of a STF agent. He is on a mission to cut the naxal uprising in Gadchiroli. Along with Khandelwal, the show also stars Satyadeep Misra, Aamir Ali, and Sreejita Dey. So it will be interesting to see Dattaa’s chemistry with her new co-stars.

Naxalbari’s storyline

As mentioned above, the show’s story revolves around an STF agent’s mission to cut down naxal activities. But apart from its basic story, Naxalbari’s other characters also seem to be driving the storyline. Whether it is Aamir Ali as Meswani or Sreejita Dey as Prakriti. Hence we can expect, Tinaa Dattaa to also be a driving force on the show.

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