Nail Polish: Wondering What Happened To Roja’s Madhoo? Catch Her Brilliant Comeback Performance In This ZEE5 Original

Though Madhoo has a little screen presence her character adds an equal weight to Judge Kishore’s persona.

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January 11, 2021


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The 90s and early 2000s were full of cliches when it comes to mainstream Indian Cinema, with unrealistic action dramas, the quality of cinema kept declining. It was an era populated with ‘massy heroes’ and somewhere female characters lost their worth in cinema. However, thanks to filmmakers like Mani Ratnam who gave us some strong female characters through his ground-breaking stories. Be it, Manisha Koirala in Bombay, Madhoo Shah in Roja, or Shalini in AlaiPayuthey.

There’s a vague image of all these characters still alive in our minds. Be it Koirala’s sadistic expression of love in the song ‘Tu Hi Re’ or Madhoo’s ‘Choti Si Asha’ giving us an idea of her bubbly character from Roja. The imagery of these well-written and well-performed characters is still fresh and sometimes we wonder if we can ever see a comeback performance from these actresses.

And for those unaware, Madhoo from Roja surprised her fans with her brilliant comeback in the recently released film Nail Polish. Her performance in the film was no less than a new year treat for her fans and would definitely make up to the list of great comebacks.

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Directed by Bugs Bhargava, Nail Polish redefines the genre of courtroom dramas as the story here is not only bound within the courts. The film also explores the personal lives of all the vital characters of the story, adding to the psychological factor of the story. And that’s where Madhoo’s character comes to light as she essays Judge Bhushan Kishore’s wife Shobha who’s a heartwarming person but has hidden shades too.

Shobha’s sadistic approach towards her life turns her into an alcoholic. Her strained relationship with her husband is unclear but it affects Kishore’s professional life as well. We see him praying to God before giving out the final verdict in the court. And that’s how each character’s personal lives have been observed as a part of the story.

Though Madhoo has a little screen presence her character adds an equal weight to Judge Kishore’s persona and the viewers are treated with multiple personalities of the judge as he too is parallelly involved in a case citing split personality disorder. There are many such interesting moments that make Nail Polish a riveting watch.

Nail Polish is now streaming on ZEE5.


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