Mukesh Khanna Slams Saif Ali Khan For His Remark Over ‘Raavan Humane’

Shaktiman fame Mukesh Khanna slams Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan on his remarks over ‘Raavan Humane’.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 9, 2020

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Mahabharat’s Bhishma Pitamaha a.k.a actor Mukesh Khanna took umbrage over Saif’s comment on ‘humane Raavan’. It all began during the promotions of his upcoming film Adipurush, when actor Saif Ali Khan opened up about playing the character Lankesh. Saif Ali Khan said that he will be playing the role of Raavan and make him look humane and also spoke about Sita’s abduction. However, the actor received backlash on the internet for his insensitive statement. Later, Saif Ali Khan released a written statement and apologised for his remark but Shaktiman actor Mukesh Khanna refused to accept his apology.

Mukesh Khanna shared a video on social media and reacted to the controversy. He wrote, “Filmmakers are still using movies to attack our religion. Laxmi Bomb exploded just recently and another attack has been launched. Famous artist Saif Ali Khan has made an objectionable disclosure in an interview. Saif Ali Khan said in this interview that it will be very interesting for him to play the character of Lankesh Ravana in the movie AdiPurush, which is made on a big budget. The film will also star Kriti Sanon and Prabhas in the lead role.

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In it, Ravana is shown not to be evil but human and entertaining. We will make him kind. In that Sita-Haran will be justified. “Do not know why Saif feels that it will be so easy,”said actor Mukesh. “Lankesh is not a ball that you want to spin with your bat. Should I call it naiveté or foolishness? They do not know that they are playing with the faith of crores of Indians in the country, or that they know it and are still deliberately saying these things. Or should I call it the audacity of the director-producer who calls himself an intellectual, who still has a desire to make such films?”

Mukesh Khanna also added that filmmakers should try playing such game with characters from other religions. Show the evil as good and good as evil. He also criticised Saif Ali Khan’s apology statement.

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