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Mother’s Day 2021: From Nude To Lapachhapi, Perfect Movie List To Watch With Your ‘Aai’ On This Day

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May 8, 2021

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While some dramas live up to the essence of the mother-children relationship, a few others weaved subtle story-arc essaying motherhood. Check out the list of best Marathi movies celebrating the spirit of motherhood.

Gone is the era when motherly characters on the big screens were bound with typical characteristics. In the last decade, there has been a much-needed change in storytelling. With their bold and sassy personas, the new-age fictitious mothers are inspiring real-life women. And thus, they have proved to be the most compelling characters in cinema. Similarly, there have been a plethora of Marathi movies on ZEE5 that have celebrated the spirit of motherhood with an intriguing story at its heart.

And on the eve of Mother’s Day, there’s nothing better than to applaud these extraordinary stories revolving around inspiring mothers. While some dramas live up to the essence of the mother-children relationship, a few others weaved subtle story-arc essaying motherhood. However, the audience was able to connect to the little nuances these movies had to offer. And we have shortlisted the top 5 picks for you here that are heartwarming and thought-provoking.

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So, here’s a look at 5 Marathi movies subtly themed on ‘motherhood’ that’ll leave you teary-eyed.


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The 2018 film ‘Nude’ is by far the boldest and realistic take on contemporary art. While art becomes a central theme of the story, the struggling life of a mother amidst the city becomes a metaphor. The film follows the story of a woman named Yamuna who moves to Mumbai, planning a better future for her son. While struggling with the hardships of the city, she decides to work as a nude model at an art school. And thus her impeccable journey begins.

She sacrifices her own needs for her son’s better future. However, it’s not a ‘happy-ending’ film and will definitely leave you teary-eyed. During the climax when the son gets aware of his mother posing as a nude model, life turns topsy-turvy. With a moving climax, the film talks about the decline of art whilst essaying the tragic story of a fierce mother.


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Based on the similar lines of Rosemary’s Baby, the Marathi horror drama Lapachhapi can be defined as every mother’s worst nightmare. The film revolves around Neha, a soon-to-be mother who moves into a new house along with her husband. Horror strikes when Neha experiences the presence of evil spirits. As the story paces ahead, hidden secrets come to light and Neha fights tooth and nail for her baby’s safety.

Being a horror drama, Lapacchapi is high on motherly emotions. And it’s not just about Neha but the past stories that come to the surface during the climax.

Elizabeth Ekadashi

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The National-award-winning film Elizabeth Ekadashi is an adorable and entertaining story. The film follows the story of two young siblings, Dnyanesh and Mukta who quite maturely deal with their family’s poverty. For Dnyanesh and Mukta, there’s nothing closer to their heart than their late father’s bicycle. However, things turn upside down when their mother decides to sell off the cycle for money.

And to save the cycle, the siblings secretly initiate a small business along with their friends. However, they land in deep trouble. And as the story paces further, they realize their mistakes of how they have overlooked their mothers’ sacrifices. Thus, this makes for a heartwarming resolution of the story.


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Naal is another sweet and interesting story about a mother-son relationship. The story of Naal revolves around a young boy Chaitanya who shares a great bond with his mother. However, conflicts arise when he realizes that his real mother is someone else named Parvati. Chaitanya becomes ignorant of her mother and comes up with many plans to reunite with his ‘real mother’ Parvati. 

Naal is all about a young boy and his escapades finding his real mother. This film treats you with an apt and heartwarming climax.

Mokla Shwaas

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Rooted within the patriarchal norms, Mokla Shwaas follows the story of Eknath who’s unhappy about having three daughters. He goes on to blame his wife Savitri for the same. With a well-framed concept, the film is based on the sensitive issue of Female Foeticide. Wherein, the character arc of Savitri will make you emotionally connect to the story. The film subtly essays what it means to embrace motherhood. The movie has an emotive approach and is a tear-jerker drama with an inspiring resolution.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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