Meka Suri 2: Here’s how every character in the franchise is beyond good, bad and evil

Meka Suri, starring Abhinay, Sharath Kumar, Syed Sumaya Farahath in the lead, narrates the tale of a butcher who avenges the death of his wife. Here’s how every character is the film is beyond good, bad and evil.

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November 27, 2020

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Early this year, director Trinadh Velisala’s film Meka Suri premiered on ZEE5. The movie, starring Abhinay, Syed Sumaya Farahath, and Sharath Kumar in the lead, narrates the tale of a tall butcher whose life takes a U-turn after his wife is murdered. Meka Suri 2, something that the audience was eagerly looking forward to, is now available to watch. The franchise certainly features some extremely interesting characters; the kinds that can’t be put in simple boxes of good, bad, and evil

Meka Suri’s narrative revolves around Suri, a dexterous butcher, whose goat skinning skills make him famous. Suri is dark and the last person who can be deemed as gentle. On the other hand, he loves his wife and is very caring towards her. While he is gruesome to the world, for his wife, he is caring. Apart from this the very scene that establishes Veerabhadra says that he can’t tolerate men who take undue advantages of women and yet is in search of Suri for punishing the people who do exactly that. Eventually, Suri’s revenge is fulfilled and it is Raghuram the inspector, who instigates him to go and murder a few men who did the same to his sister after Suri has surrendered. It is these moments in the story that remind us time and again that good, bad and evil can sometimes be mere concepts.

Meka Suri, directed by Trinadh Velisala, is reported to be inspired by a real-life incident. The success of Meka Suri’s first part prompted makers to catapult the second part. Meka Suri’s sequel premiered on ZEE5 on November 27. The sequel has Abhinay and Syed Sumaya Farahath reprising their role as Meka Suri and Rani, while there are several additions to the cast. 

Watch the gripping thriller story, Meka Suri and Meka Suri 2 only on ZEE5! 

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