Meka Suri 2: 10 reasons why we are looking forward to this promising thriller

Meka Suri was a captivating and gruesome thriller and here are a few reasons we are looking forward to the second part.

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November 25, 2020

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The most awaited sequel to the chilling Telugu thriller film Meka Suri is right around the corner and it looks as promising as its first part in several aspects. Here are not one, but 10 reasons why all of us are looking forward to the gritty Trinadh Velisala written and directed thriller Meka Suri 2!
Watch the trailer for Meka Suri 2 right here!
1) Ghastlier than anything we’ve seen before
Meka Suri is not a horror movie, yet it will give you chills like it is one. It doesn’t shy away from graphic representations which makes it more engaging and unmissable. It is evident that the sequel carries the legacy of the first part with itself. Writer-director Trinadh Velisala makes sure that all characters are as grey as they can be and that makes it even more captivating.
2) Marking the debut of two talented individuals 
Meka Suri marks the debut of two newcomers in its lead roles. Sumaya who plays Rani and Abhinay who plays Meka Suri have both put up commendable performances. The actors have seized the platform showing their capabilities and there’s nothing else we’d love more than seeing them again on screen.
Suri and Rani in Meka Suri
Suri and Rani in Meka Suri (Source: Instagram)
3) To know how the relationship between Seshagiri and Meka Suri develops
The last we heard about Seshagiri was that he hated Suri but hated Gopal Rao and Krishna Rao more for what they did to Rani. While his ethics while pursuing Rani were questionable, it seems like he truly loved her and would go to any extent for her. It would be interesting to see the relationship Suri and Seshagiri harbour with each other.
4) To see more of Raghuram
One of the most promising performances was by Sravan who plays Raghuram, a journalist in search of the truth. Although we learn more about him as the story progresses, the character is interestingly written, keeping us in suspense about him. With the second part of Meka Suri, we shall get an insight into Raghuram.
5) For the music
Each musical number in Meka Suri reflected the intense atmosphere that it was set in. Be it Paroprakaram Punyaya or the background music, each rhythm beautifully captures the emotions of the moment while making us feel whatever the director wants us to feel. Meka Suri 2 is a must-watch for Prajwal Krish’s music
6) More action
If there’s one thing that the trailer of Meka Suri promises us, it is more action than we saw in the first part. While the first part of Meka Suri was all about establishing the characters and the conflicts, Meka Suri 2 will focus more on how Suri takes his revenge and the man that he becomes in the process.
7) To know more about SI Veera Bhadra
The scene that established the sub-inspector’s presence was the one where he thrashed a man for raping a little girl. When he was threatened, he put the person threatening him in his place, showing us that he is fearless. Hence when he is after Suri for believing in a cause that he also strongly believes in,  we would want to see more of him to see what happens to him
8) For the stunning yet gruesome visuals
Pardhu Saina nailed the visual representation of an atmosphere as gritty as the village where these gut-wrenching incidents are going on. Without his excellent camera work, the story could have lost its setting and the grip that it had on its audience. As seen in the trailer, the camera work and lighting for the second part is slightly different indicating that it will have more action.
9) For an authentic portrayal of rural India
There have been a plethora of movies set in rural India and the one thing that they have in common is the scenic beauty of villages. While the villages are beautiful in a few aspects, Meka Suri doesn’t shy away from showing us the darker side of these villages.
10) Closure for Meka Suri
Suri has seen a lot, from the rape and death of his wife to being locked up for a few days. With Meka Suri 2, we would love to see what happens to him next and how he gets closure from his gritty past. Will he eventually be free of all this and build a new life for himself where he has the chance of being at peace?
Watch Meka Suri premiering on November 27,2020,  only on ZEE5.

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