Meet The 4 Leading Women of Churails, Ranked By Their Bravery And Badassery

Churails is a story of four courageous women who dared to break the norms. Here’s a rank of the characters (ironically written by a man)!

Kenneth Carneiro

September 1, 2020


1 min


Churails is a unique series with a women driven narrative throughout the show. The film highlights the importance of female friendships where women stand up for each other. This fictional series set in Karachi has stories that women from all walks of life will be drawn towards. The series tells stories of women who bravely decide to take on their abusive spouses or oppressors in society. The main story focuses on Jugnu, Sara, Batool and Zubeida get together to run a detective agency that doesn’t follow the norms of society.

Watch a review for the series here.

Here are the four main women from Churails ranked on their courage and and all-round badassery.

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