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Meet 25 August 2023 Written Update: Sumeet’s plan to find out about Akki

Akshada Bhatkar

September 8, 2023

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Vani and Masoom discover Abhay’s deception. Sumeet tells Shlok about Akki and devises a plan to find out more about Akki from Raunak. Shlok, disguised as Sumeet, arrives and spends time with Raunak.

In the previous episode of Meet, at Shagun’s behest, Raunak coerces Sumeet into celebrating their wedding night. Later, a furious Raunak bundles Myra into a box and gives it to a junk dealer. Sumeet and Shlok save Myra’s life.

In the latest episode of Meet, Sumeet holds Myra while crying out for Shlok, who ultimately extinguishes the fire. Shlok gazes at Sumeet and Myra, expressing his frustration with Shagun’s schemes against the Chaudharys. He asserts his readiness to go to jail for breaking Shagun’s contract, but Sumeet intervenes, emphasizing the need to adhere to the game they’re entangled in. At Vaani’s place, Masoom scolds a laundry person for mishandling Vaani’s lehenga and reveals that Abhay has lied to them. Back at Chaudhary’s, Sumeet enters with Myra, relieving Pankhudi. Raunak, present already, questions Sumeet about Shlok’s presence and their interactions. Raunak’s attempt to hug Sumeet ends in a fall, dirtying his face. Sumeet decides to punish Raunak by not letting him see her face, to which Raunak protests but leaves to his room. Later, Shlok, disguised as a woman as part of Sumeet’s plan, interacts with Poonam and Akash. A flashback reveals that Shlok joined Sumeet to rescue Akki, who was abducted by Shagun. Raunak analyzes the disguised Shlok and attempts to unveil the face while Shlok resists. Anju reveals that the voice accompanying the disguise is Sumeet’s, stunning Poonam. Raunak takes Shlok to his room, distracting him. Shlok is instructed to stay patient to ensure Akki’s return. Sumeet, disguised as Chanchal, threatens Raunak. She beats up Raunak. Later, Sumeet gets worried due to a mirror in the room.

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