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Meet 06 September 2023 Written Update: Raj proposes to Priyanka

Akshada Bhatkar

September 13, 2023

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Shlok consoles Sumeet when she gets scared by a nightmare. Raj proposes to Priyanka but she rejects him. Later, Sumeet shares her plan against Shagun with Poonam and Ashok.

In the previous episode of Meet, Ashok poses as Shlok’s father, Anand and talks to Shlok. Poonam and Ashok tell Sumeet about Anand’s death. Meanwhile, Shlok gets excited to meet Anand. Shagun sends goons to beat up Shlok.

In the latest episode of Meet, the doctor examines Shlok and advises Sumeet and Poonam to take good care of him due to his stress. Poonam takes Sumeet aside and expresses her reluctance to tell Shlok the truth, fearing he’ll break down. Suddenly, Shagun arrives and pretends to be concerned about Shlok’s health. Sumeet calls out Shagun for her insincere concern and asks her not to fake it. Shagun urges Sumeet to focus on Shlok’s health to win the game and walks away. At night, Sumeet has a troubling dream of Shlok harming himself upon learning the truth about Anand’s death. She wakes up, relieved to find Shlok safe, and they share an intimate moment. Shlok reassures Sumeet and asks her not to worry, requesting her to apply medicine to his chest. Then, they share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Priyanka visits a blacksmith to repair her shoe, with Raj following her. She initially avoids him but accidentally injures her foot on broken glass. Raj comes to her aid, removing the glass piece, but Priyanka accuses him of stalking her. Raj smiles, offers her a rose, and proposes to her. But she rejects Raj. At the Chaudharys, Poonam receives a call from Shagun, who mentions her uninvited visit for Janmashtami, accompanied by a significant image indicating Ashok’s death. A shocked Poonam drops the idol of Lord Krishna, but Sumeet catches it. Poonam discusses her fear of Shagun revealing the truth to Shlok with Sumeet. Sumeet shares her plan against Shagun with Poonam. At the Ahlawats, Priyanka assists Nisha but hurries inside when Akash harasses her. Priyanka screams, drawing the attention of Masoom and others. She complains about Akash’s behaviour to Masoom, who accuses Priyanka of being a gold digger. Raj arrives, expresses his trust in Priyanka, and encourages her not to apologise to Akash. Back at Poonam’s place, Sumeet, Poonam, and Ashok discuss their plan to help Shlok cope with the truth about Anand’s death. Shlok enquires about their discussion and Ashok tells him they were planning to give him turmeric milk. Shlok expresses his expectation of seeing Anand and warns that he’ll be hurt if he doesn’t show up. As a storm approaches, Poonam and Sumeet prepare to face the challenge. Meanwhile, on the streets, Raunak and Shagun are determined to tell Shlok about Anand’s demise. Sumeet contemplates how to prevent Shagun from revealing the truth to Shlok.

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